Game of Love: “The Body Shall Turn to Dust and the Soul Shall Fly Away”

2014-10-08- soul
“The body shall turn to dust, and the soul shall fly away.”
Guru Nanak Dev Ji 1469-1539
The soul never dies. The body is finite, the soul is connected to the infinite. As such, do not fear physical death as it merely indicates a new chapter in your souls journey.
Every being has a soul/spirit but only the humans can liberate their soul. Guru ji calls us all his soul brides, whether we are male or female. God/Guru doesn’t look at gender. We are all seen as souls on a journey. 
Guru ji tells us to meditate with every breath so we can remember Vaheguroo (God) in our final breaths and be liberated. Guru ji says, we are extremely entangled in the world, we are always thinking and worrying about the past and future. We have failed to slow down and live in the present (now). Our inner voice (mind) is always leading us astray and running wild at all times.
Bhagat Trilochan Ji says, if we remember our wealth, women, children, property etc  in our last breaths, we will be reincarnated as a serpent, prostitute, pig or ghost.
We have been given this life form to liberate our soul. Let’s nurture our soul with it’s correct nourishment. Meditation, Guru’s teachings and always doing good deeds is food for the soul. If our soul receives it’s correct food, it’s coming and going in this world will come to end. 
Listen to your Guru, not your mind and save your soul!


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