Sardar Khalra: Challenge The Darkness by Rajoana TV


Sardar Khalra, a man of slight build and the appearance of a normal uncle.

Stood like a rock, against a system that turned Punjab into a deadly jungle.

Human rights, legal safeguarding and morality grew wings and flew away

Open season was declared on Sikhs, the predators began hunting their prey


People wonder where he plucked the courage to expose india’s blood games

Rebel currents of courage were already running through his veins

Sparkling freedom fighters adorned Sardar Khalra’s lineage

Ancestor Shaheed Surat Singh sacrificed to prevent moghul pillage


Grandfather Harnam Singh, a Gadhar spurred the indian revolution

Only to witness Punjab and Sikh lives, torn apart by Partition

Despite sacrificing all to liberate india from British imperialism

india repaid the debt with more tyranny, the target was Sikhism


Unconcerned about a career or business, this young man was about selfless service

Protesting at college against minor injustice, this was a backdrop to his masterpiece

It is often said Sardar Khalra began investigating when his own went missing

This denigrates the character of a man who spent a lifetime helping those lamenting


As a Penchayat Secretary he heard countless tales of unimaginable horror

Using this job, documented the disappearances and tales of police torture

Mothers like ours, searching for their children would weep and wail at his side

Holding his own tears, a pledge was made to lift india’s democratic guise


We howled for decades that our land and people were being butchered

The world stood silent, there is no evidence they smugly uttered

TADA, NSA and other acts legalised our physical extermination

With the law and enforcers driving the policy, there was no protection


The Pioneer, an English Publication made a startling declaration

Sikh bodies had been thrown into the river, enough to block irrigation

Rajasthan discovered Sikh bodies, with feet and hands tied together

They complained to the Centre Government, it is polluting our water


But was it humanly possible to consign countless bodies to the river?

Sardar Khalra intrigued, with an Ardas began to seek and wonder

Dara Singh, Manager of Co-op bank was abducted by the police

One day later, dubbed a terrorist and his existence had ceased


Searching for Dara lead Sardar Khalra to Amritsar’s cremation ground

Here our Saint warrior uncovered a gory tale that would astound

Where were the rest of the bodies the world asked intently?

Que Sardar Khalra, to take his place in our history


Posing as an official from the Municipal Corporation

Trawling through names, dates and times of the victims of abduction

The Government had left a startling evidence of their crimes

Even wood purchases, needed to exterminate the bodies in flames


Over two thousand bodies had been discovered in three districts alone

Men, women and children cremated illegally, families not being told

Based on this grisly discovery, Sardar Khalra estimated 25, 000 more

The world would have to know, that our slaughter was sanctioned by law


Most would think a thousand times before publishing such findings

Sardar Khalra wasted no time in calling a press conference

Not only were the countless Sikhs reduced to ashes brought to light

So too was the police chief K.P Gill, a butcher who left no Sikh in sight


SSP Sandhu now fretting, told Sardar Khalra to take the findings back

Or else he proclaimed in the media, I will add one more to the 25,000 stack

Undeterred in his mission, Sardar Khalra continued his investigation

Only death could put an end to this warrior who deserves a divine salutation


Realising that Sardar Khalra had effectively dictated his own fate

He began an international tour to awaken the world before it was too late

Giving speeches in the US, UK and Canada rattling souls about our plight

I challenge the darkness he proclaimed; around me there will be light


Do not go back, international politicians warned Sardar Khalra

You have exposed the system, now we will give you a Visa

I must return to the pit of hell and help my people come what may

My work is not finished, nor will my principles allow me to stay


On return the threats grew in frequency, wife Paramjit Kaur began stressing

Word was given from a Congress MLA, that his death was now pending

Police, Intelligence Beauro and the Chief Minister were salivating to tear him apart

He remained in his little house on Kabir Road, continuing his work like a stalwart


That fateful day had finally arrived, while Sardar Khalra was busy washing his car

Commandoes in numbers, including the police, abducted him not leaving a mark

Mandip Singh witnessed the episode, a journalist visiting from the indian express

Waheguru only knows  what awaited Sardar Khalra, the mind wants to digress


Sardar Khalra was consigned to the same flames that he so bravely exposed

Becoming a victim of his own project, with the rest he had been disposed

The man who had unmasked the systematic murder on a scale so great

Was tragically the last in line of thousands, to have suffered the same fate


There goes another diamond, where the rest have gone he will follow

It is not a bitter pill though, we are slaves, it should be easy to swallow

Those responsible have been awarded and roam free

Have truth, justice and freedom become a mere dream?


The next time people snigger, call you a terrorist and brush it aside

Give the name Sardar Khalra, who evidenced and exposed our genocide

Annals of history will remember a man with insane courage

Whose light shone so bright that it had to be extinguished


Embers from our ashes had engulfed the once vibrant skies in darkness

It needed a son of Guru Gobind Singh, to give the broken some solace

Your sacrifice should inspire and infuse a generation to take your lead

You are our unsung hero, may you take birth in every generation my Veer


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