Jaggi Indicted In Another Case; Activists Build Momentum Worldwide

—Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi), who has been arrested by the Punjab police in serial murders in Punjab, has been now nominated by the Ludhiana Police in an FIR pertaining to shooting incident which occurred outside an RSS branch in Ludhiana. The Ludhiana police succeeded in obtaining Jaggi’s two days police remand from the Court in this case on December 3.

Jagtar Singh Jaggi while being produced before the Court on December 3

It may be recalled here that on January 18, 2016 two unidentified bike riders had fired bullets on an RSS branch situated in park of Kidwai Nagar of Ludhiana. An FIR No. 7/16 was registered in this concern in Police Station Division No. 8 of Ludhiana.  Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Johal was arrested in relation to this murder and he was named in FIRs in additional cases after his arrest.

Meanwhile, a lot of pressure is building in the UK as human rights activists are asking the Government to take up the case with the Indian Government.  Sikh Federation (UK), which is involved in the case, has contacted over 150 MPs so far, asking them for support.  Sikh Federation (UK) launched Phase 2 of its campaign to gather support from UK Government officials.

Sikh activists outside Stockton Gurdwara

Yesterday, programs took place in various places abroad, including England, California, Australia and Germany to raise awareness for Jagtar Singh Johal.  “We are looking forward to organizing protests outside Indian consulates if Jaggi is not given a fair trial.  All what we are asking for is that he has access to the UK FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office),” said Gurpreet Singh, a Sikh activist who came to Stockton Gurdwara from Yuba City to join program being held to raise awareness for Jaggi.

Sikh activists also carried out a campaign in Jaggi’s support this past Sunday.  Hundreds of activists targeted Punjab Police and Chief Minister’s handle, appealing them to not abuse Jaggi’s human rights.  Tweets were carried with the hashtag #FreeJaggiNow.

A petition started to UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also crossed 46,000 signatures.


  1. Classic police work Keep pushing and one can come up with a crime to indict anyone. They must have found his fingerprints on the bullet. What a travesty of justice ?

  2. Hindustian goverment is responsiblr for thousands of innocent sikh youth disappering and now they are stuck between a rock and a hard rock no one belives in indis justice ask those innocent sikh families who lost their love ones by thugs who call themself the punjab police “”Unbeliviable” corrupt to the roots

  3. All the beadbies of Guru Granth Sahib & murders were done by Hindutva agencies to create hate between Sikhs & dera premies, Hindus & Christians. Namdhari woman head was killed & rapist saadh replaced by their puppets.
    They are even trying to devide sikhs so that sikhs fight with sikhs by forcing Jathedars to take decisions against Sikh principals & killing saathi of Bhai Ranjit Singh by Dhumma.
    Now they are torturing innocent sikhs to give message to all other communities that sikhs killed their leaders.

  4. RSS members were killed by personal enmity & firings on RSS members or shiver was done by RSS members themselves to take security & weapons, few RSS workers were also arrested due to these false firings.

  5. Punjab Police the dogs employed by the hinduvata chamche are hunting anyone they see and attack minorities. The disgusting leaders are all in it for themselves – first thing is at the time of murder was Jaggi or any other Sikh men now held on false allegations were in India? these dogs are still not embarrassed yet they have been highlighted through the world of their corrupt actions……

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