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Video: Sikhs serving Langgar at Fauja Singh’s Olympics Torch relay in London Serving Langgar and cheering on Bhai Fauja Singh who carried the Olympic Torch in Newham, east London. This Report includes the running of Bhai Fauja Singh with Olympics Torch and volunteers who...

Video: Bhai Fauja Singh Carrying the Olympic Torch

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Bhai Fauja Singh carrying the Olympic flame: World's Oldest Marathon Runner Lifts Olympic Torch. Witness History Being Made! The greatest Sikh Sports Personality Alive and Puran Gursikh was a carrier of...

Lecture – Actions Speak Louder than Words Talk given by Bhai Tarsem Singh at Khalsa Camp 2010 in UK.

History of Sikhs in Afghanistan A talk show on the History of Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan. Gaining understanding of their history, contributions and historical as well as contemporary challenges faced by this community. Expert opinions are expressed by...

Do Sikhs Still Need to be Warriors?

Gurmant Grewal, MP – Vaisakhi, Sikh Symbols and Accomplishments of Sikhs

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