Op/Ed – Virsa Singh Valtoha vs. Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale – Why Akali Leader Launched a Person Attack against Dhadrianwale?

In a sudden move on July 8, SAD (Badal) leader Virsa Singh Valtoha launched a personal attack on Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala by holding a press conference in Amritsar. Valtoha took on Dhadrianwala while citing the indictment of his supporter Prabhjit Singh in a case pertaining to the seizure of around 300 Kg Heroin.

Questioning the sources behind Dhadrianwala’s lavish lifestyle, Virsa Singh Valtoha demanded an investigation into the role of Dhadriwala as he had close links with the family of the accused, Prabhjit Singh, a resident of Chohla Sahib village in Tarn Taran.

In this press conference, Valtoha also took on the Captain Amarinder Singh-led Punjab government for failing in putting control of over drug menace in Punjab despite taking the oath of Gutka Sahib. He also demanded a probe into the accused Prabhjit Singh’s closeness with Khadoor Sahib legislator Ramanjit Singh Sikki.

A special story in this concern also got aired by the PTC News in which words aimed at targeting Dhadrianwala’s image were used.

Reacting to Virsa Singh Valtoha’s statement, Sikh preacher Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala posted has also posted a video questioning whether Virsa Singh Valtoha was levelling allegations against him personally or on his party’s behalf.

In this video, Dhadrianwala has answered all the points raised by Virsa Singh Valtoha about his lavish lifestyle. He has claimed that his supporters were sponsoring the expenditures of Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar and he can even present the list of donors who have been bearing all the expenditures of his religious preachment.

Why Virsa Singh Valtoha or SAD (Badal) has opted to oppose Dhadrianwala openly?

As Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwala holds large followership in the Malwa region of Punjab, none of the political parties have opted to openly oppose Dhadrianwala so far.

Even after the deadly attack on Dhadrianwala by Damdami Taksal, SAD (Badal) had tried to maintain diplomacy by ensuring justice to Dhadrianwala despite the fact that the attacking organization Damdami Taksal was its ally.

Now, a sudden verbal attack on Dhadrianwala by the SAD (Badal) leader Virsa Singh Valtoha has raised the eyebrows of many keeping eye on Punjab politics.

It is being speculated that the SAD (Badal) may have opted to speak against Dhadrianwala openly due to the statement given by him to the newly constituted Special Investigation Team probing Kotkapura firing incident.

On July 5, Dhadrianwala had appeared before the SIT in Patiala. During his interrogation, he had told the SIT that “political leaders of the then government” were well aware of the ground situation. The police action was carried out with the approval of political leaders and top police officials.


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