Akal Takht Sahib Demands Strict Action After Elderly Sikh Brutally Thrashed by Mob in UP

As attacks on the Sikhs are increasing in various states of India, an elderly Sikh man was brutally and mercilessly thrashed by a mob with the Police becoming mute spectators at Lakhimpur in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the state which is ruled by BJP’s controversial monk Yogi Adityanath.

A video clip went viral over social media on Friday morning, in which, the mob is seen attacking an elderly Sikh man in white Kurta-Pajama. The age of the Sikh is nearly 65 years. In daylight hooliganism, the mob is seen thrashing him ruthlessly. His turban was tossed. The mob is seen attacking him with sticks. A man pulls him brutally by catching his kes (hair). Stones are also pelted on him. He sustained deep injuries in the attack.

Akal Takht Sahib and SGPC Demand Strict Action After Elderly Sikh Brutally Thrashed by Mob in UP
Watch this video on YouTube.

Pertinently, the cops are seen acting as mute spectators and doing nothing to save the elderly man. One of the cop runs away as the mob attacks the Sikh. Then, few Sikhs come to accompany him to restrain the mob from coming closer to him. When the video went viral, nobody knew about this video and the place where it was made.

It was Delhi based Sikh leader Harmeet Singh Pinka who gathered information about it and found that it is of the incident that took place at Lakhimpur in UP a week ago.

Divulging the information, he said, “Name of the victim is Sukhjit Singh who is a resident of Lakhimpur. His son German Singh told me that an accident had taken place, in which two bike riders were killed. The accident happened as a car collided with the bike. As a result, villagers gathered there and caught two youths who were in the car. They lynched both. They were about to die, when Sukhjit Singh reached there to save their lives on humanitarian ground. The mob got enraged over it and attacked him”.

“Sukhjit Singh has returned home after undergoing treatment in the hospital. It’s been eight days since the incident took place, but no action has been taken against those who attacked him, so far. No Sikh leader has turned up to ensure justice to the victim. The Sikh leaders should meet the SSP and get the culprits be punished”, he said.

Pinka added, “These kinds of incidents remind us of what happened with the Sikhs in 1984. Otherwise, the Sikhs have forgotten everything and indulged in the service of humanity in this country. However, going by these incidents, Sikhs are not safe”.

Taking a serious note of the attack, the SGPC-appointed acting Jathedar of Akal Takht Sahib Giani Harpreet Singh said, “Thrashing of an elderly Sikh is very unfortunate. Earlier, a Sikh was beaten up by some mischievous elements at Sikri town of Bharat district in Rajasthan”.

“What is happening with the Sikhs in this country is worrisome for us. We condemn these incidents and want their fair probe and exemplary action against the attackers”, he added.

Following the incident, Sri Akal Takht Sahib and the SGPC have intervened and asked for strict action against the guilty, including the cops who watched the entire episode as mute spectators. “These types of attacks are increasing on the Sikhs day by day in India and we condemn them fully. First, a Sikh was attacked in Rajasthan and now, just weeks after that incident, we have received the news of the thrashing of the elderly Sikh in UP,” Giani Harpreet Singh said.

He appealed to the Sikh Nation to stand by the elderly Sikh and provide assistance. “We will ensure the guilty persons are brought to justice,” he added.


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