BREAKING: Sikh prisoners Gurmeet Singh Engineer and Shamsher Singh contract Covid-19

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Amid the surge in Covid-19 cases across India, political Sikh prisoners Bhai Gurmeet Singh Engineer and Shamsher Singh have been found positive for Covid-19 at Burail Jail, Chandigarh. Notably, the duo Sikh prisoners are serving life imprisonment in Beant “Singh” assassination case since 1995.

Sources within Burail jail have informed that the Jail administration was not providing appropriate treatment to the duo Sikh prisoners, and they have been isolated inside their cells.

Ludhiana-based Sikh activist Bhawandeep Singh, who also works in Bandi Singh Rihai Morcha, told Sikh24 that the Punjab government was not cooperating with these political Sikh prisoners. “These political Sikh prisoners moved repeated parole pleas in the past citing unhygienic conditions of the jail, but none of them has been granted parole,” he added.

Bhawandeep Singh further said that these Sikh prisoners had spent more than two and half decades in jail, but still, they’re not being granted parole while they deserve permanent release.

Meanwhile, it is also being apprehended that the Indian state may target these political Sikh prisoners under the garb of Covid-19.


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