Video Interview: What will be the future of persecuted Afghan Sikhs?

Following the deadly attack on the Gurdwara Sahib in Kabul in March 2020, Afghani Sikhs had to ask themselves a hard question – what does their future in Afghanistan look like. It was a difficult question because Afghanistan was their home for generations, and now they were being asked to leave.

The months that followed were not easy for these Sikhs. They had to give up their businesses, avoid going into crowded public places to avoid prosecution. Despite such hardships, these Sikhs did not give up their Sikhi. But that led to only one option – migrate to a distant and unknown country, which was India.

Following this attack, several organizations came to the fore to assist these Afghani Sikhs. In our previous stories, we have discussed the role of organizations such as the Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation, World Sikh Organization, S. Daleep Singh Sethi (USA) and others. One of the organizations that received some flak at the point was United Sikhs. United Sikhs had launched multiple fundraisers for the Afghani Sikhs but were not directly involved in relocating the families that were being settled in Delhi – a task that was for the most part organized by USA based Daleep Singh Sethi and the late Khajinder Singh Khurana through assistance from individual contributors.

Sikh24’s independent journalist and renowned activist recently spoke with United Sikhs about their plan for these Afghani Sikh families from now on.

United Sikhs is one of the leading Sikh humanitarian organizations. After the attack on Kabul Gurdwara, they had provided financial aid to more than 400 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus to get their passports ready in Afghanistan.

Currently, the United Sikhs is helping 11 Afghan families (all from Ghazni province) in continuing their livelihood in India’s national capital New Delhi.

In this interview, a United Sikhs director, Parvinder Singh, thoroughly explains the problems of these persecuted Afghan families living in Delhi.

Parvinder Singh has informed that the United Sikhs has robust plans for providing jobs to these migrated Afghan Sikhs to settle in India permanently.

He has also explained the transparency policy of United Sikhs about the funds donated by donors. “The United Sikhs spend around 90-95% amount of the donated money on the actual cause while keeping the administrative cost low with the help of volunteers,” he said.

Sardar Parvinder Singh has explained that the United Sikhs keep its accounts project-wise so any donor can know where his / her donated money has been spent.

Watch the full interview:

What will be the future of persecuted Afghan Sikhs?
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