Appeal by Lakha Sidhana after his brother was mercilessly beaten by the Delhi Police

Mundi Sidhana being taken to the hospital.

Yesterday, Lakha Sidhana’s cousin brother Mundi Sidhana was abducted by the Delhi Police’s special cell in Patiala. Mundi Sidhana is a law student in Patiala and had gone to his university to partake in an exam when he was abducted by the Delhi Police and beaten up mercilessly. Mundi was later admitted to a hospital in Bathinda in critical condition. Lakha Sidhana confirmed that the same team of the police that arrested Deep Sidhu was the one that abducted his cousin.

Along with Lakha Sidhana, several noted personalities and organizations spoke up against Mundi Sidhana’s thrashing by the police.

In a video interview outside the hospital in Bathinda, Lakha Sidhana sahib –

“They were asking my brother about my whereabouts. They blamed him for scheduling my interviews and rallies and for taking care of my household duties in my absence.

My brother is fairly young, and for the past two months, he has been ill and admitted at the DMC Hospital in Ludhiana. For this reason, he could not even partake in the ongoing farmer’s agitation.

My brother was beaten up mercilessly by the Delhi police. But this is not the first time that our youth have been targeted like this. From time to time, our youth have been assaulted and imprisoned. Now, the police have started targeting our families.

Their motive is only one: they want to disrupt the agitation by any means. They [the Delhi police] told my brother that this was just a trailer; they will do much worse to his Lakha. Delhi Police told him to convey to me to appear before the police and stop participating in political affairs. They warned that they could even carry out an encounter (stage my killing).

I demand the Punjab Government and its Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, to file a case against the Delhi police for entering Patiala outside of its jurisdiction and for thrashing my brother. Secondly, I appeal to the entire Sanukt Kisan Morcha leaders to take strict action against the police’s wrongdoing.

I don’t say this because my brother was the one who was abducted. This happened to him today and tomorrow; it can happen to anyone. I say this with pain in my heart for all the youth who were previously abducted. Delhi police is capable of arresting our youth from any place. Such a fearful environment is being created in Punjab, and the Sanukt Kisan Morcha needs to take action.

Lastly, I appeal to the people of Punjab to unite against the wrongful acts. When the police come to arrest anyone outside of its jurisdiction, we must unite and not allow them to detain anyone. We were lucky that in the case of my brother, we received a video of his detention by the Delhi police. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have even known who had abducted him.”

Monica Gill, an actor who has been raising awareness for the farmers’ protest, said –

Navjot Singh Sidhu said –

Khalsa Mission Organization said –


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