Video: Rescued Afghan Sikh women share their experiences about new life in India

After the barbaric carnage of 25 Afghan Sikhs inside Kabul’s Gurdwara Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji, around 87 families have shifted to India in search of a safe and secure life. However, settling at a new place while leaving behind all your worth is not an easy task.

After reaching India, the Afghan Sikh families have come across new hardships due to the high cost of living and low wage rates in India’s national capital Delhi.

In this video, independent journalist Papalpreet Singh has interview two Afghan Sikh women about their new life in Delhi.

Watch the full interview below to about what it means for these Afghani Sikh women to live in India.

Rescued Afghan Sikh women share their experience about new life in India
Watch this video on YouTube.


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