Golden Roots – Caste (Official Video)

Golden Roots - Caste | Official Music Video | Bobby Kang
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“In 2012 alone, 1,574 [‘untouchable’] Dalit women were raped” – Arundhati Roy.
Introducing our eye-opening single for 2021, tackling the taboo subject of caste discrimination, often known to destroy the fabric of friendship, marriage, and love, in the South Asian community.
This project combines together creative flair and a display of visionary ingenuity to a subject that has divided South Asians for hundreds of years, formulating it into an artful and controversial short film, showcasing the journey of five prisoners and their conceited caste-driven identities.
Despite the financial and educational evolution of the South Asian diaspora, we can evidently see the relevance of Caste in today’s day and age, more visibly in the plight faced by community activists such as Banta Singh and Nodeep Kaur, as well as in the long list of gang-rape and murder victims in India.
Our project aims to create a voice for these people, share their plight, and help tackle this taboo subject head-on, whist addressing why as a globally educated and cultivated South Asian community, we are still victims to this socially conditioned mindset.
I hope that this creative project will focus the lens on our socially conditioned biases, and aid us in self-reflection of the caste discrimination prejudices held within our homes, communities, and music.
I pray that this will ignite meaningful conversations which will bring about material changes to any prejudiced mindsets, and act as a catalyst of change for our youth and the generations to come.
Should these words, mission or values resonate with you in any way shape or form, please help us to push this message far and wide, by liking, tagging, sharing and raising awareness on this, and further content relating to our upcoming project.

Peace and luv ✌🏽

Golden Roots


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