Afghan Sikh survivor breaks out while narrating the horrific scenes from the Kabul Gurdwara attack

The agony of hapless Afghan Sikhs, who lost their loved ones in a deadly attack on Gurdwara Sahib launched by the Islamic State’s terrorists on March 25 last year, can’t be described in words. No one can imagine what these Afghan Sikhs are going through after losing their loved ones in a barbaric carnage for no reason.

Realizing the responsibility to highlight the agony of these unfortunate but committed Sikhs, Sikh24 is making efforts to bring forth the eyewitness accounts and victims of this unprecedented pogrom.

On behalf of Sikh24, freelance journalist Papalpreet Singh has interviewed an Afghan Sikh, Harinder Singh, who lost seven members of his family in this attack, including his father, wife, and a five-year-old daughter.

Harinder Singh is now struggling to pursue his life in India’s national capital New Delhi after being rescued from Afghanistan last year.

In this interview, Harinder Singh has narrated what happened when four armed terrorists belonging to the Islamic State stormed into Gurdwara Sahib on March 25 last year.

Though Harinder Singh broke out while recounting the horrific scenes of this deadly attack but still courageously completed this interview.

Watch the full interview:

Afghan Sikh survivor breaks out while recounting the horrific scenes of Gurdwara attack
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