EXCLUSIVE: Farmers at Singhu border adamant to struggle till victory

EXCLUSIVE: Farmers at Singhu border adamant to struggle till victory
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Although the BJP led Indian government didn’t leave any stone unturned to crush farmers’ agitation against three farm laws, the morale of farmers agitating at the Singhu border has not come down. After enduring harsh winters of December and January months, the Singhu border farmers now appear ready to face the awful months of summer in Delhi.

Bhai Papalpreet Singh today interviewed several elders at Singhu. We are sharing two of those interviews with aged farmers at the Singhu border who have said that the farmers were adamant about keeping this struggle up till the trio farm laws don’t get repealed.

Farmer Kuldeep Singh believes that the BJP will surely lose the mandate in the assembly polls being held in five states, including West Bengal, due to its anti-farmers policies. “Even if it doesn’t happen, we won’t quit our struggle till the trio laws are not repealed,” he added.

Farmer Joginder Singh says that Sikhism and farming can’t be separated. “Every Sikh borns with a legacy to struggle against the unjust, so the BJP led Indian government should stop expecting that the Sikh farmers will stop struggling without getting these three farm laws revoked,” he said.

He further said that the Modi-led Indian government had used every tactic to vilify the farmers of Punjab. Still, now the farmers of other Indian states have rejected the communal card being played by the BJP.


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