EXCLUSIVE: Youth farmer Ranjit Singh reveals shocking details of police torture on him

EXCLUSIVE: Youth farmer Ranjit Singh reveals shocking details of police torture on him
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In an exclusive interview with Sikh24, youth farmer Bhai Ranjit Singh has explained the whole incident that occurred on January 29 in which the Delhi police cops had brutally thrashed him while colluding with the BJP goons.

“We were sitting peacefully on the backside of the stage at Singhu border, but suddenly we observed stones being hurled towards us. As we stood up to check what was happening, we found Delhi police cops baton charging us while BJP goons were continuously hurling stones towards us,” he explained.

“We opposed Delhi police cops for not stopping the BJP goons from hurling stones on us, but during this, we observed some of those BJP goons moving towards the temporary bathrooms set up for the protesting women farmers,” he said.

“We tried to stop them, but they didn’t step back, after which I started moving towards them to make them step back as all of them were carrying stones,” he said while adding that the Delhi cops captured him while coming back after making the BJP goons run from the bathrooms of women farmers.

“They thrashed me brutally with batons in the head due to which I turned insensitive, and they kept on thrashing and dragging me publically,” he informed.

Bhai Ranjit Singh further informed that the Delhi police cops charged him with batons even after putting him in their vehicle. “They kept on swearing me during the whole pathway while carrying me to the police station,” he added.

How Delhi police tortured Bhai Ranjit Singh?

Talking about the torture committed by the Delhi police cops, Bhi Ranjit Singh revealed that the Delhi police cops asked him to lay straight, after which they tied his feet. “They kept on beating my foot palms with batons, but I also kept on reciting Japji Sahib,” he added.

“After beating my foot palms for some time, they thought I had turned unconscious due to which they went back,” he said.

“After half an hour, they came back and started dragging by my hair to shift me to another room where I also kept on lying for about 15-20 minutes,” he further said.

“After 15-20 minutes, they threw water on me to wake me up. On waking up, I found myself lying in a pool of blood,” he explained while adding that they took him to another police station where various police officers kept on interrogating him.

“At around 01:00 am, they brought me back to the Alipur police station. Some of the police cops deployed there showed sympathy towards me and gave me a blanket,” he said.

“After two hours, they awakened me and took me to a hospital where the doctors gave me an injection of tetanus after checking the injuries on my body,” he said.

“Next day, they kept on shuffling me in various police stations where they forced me to sign several blank papers,” he revealed while adding that the Delhi police cops produced him in the Court during the evening hours where he noticed Manjinder Singh Sirsa standing outside the Court.

“Manjinder Singh Sirsa asked me whether I wanted him to convey any message to my family members. On this, I asked him to tell my family members that Khalsa is in Chardi Kla,” he said.

How does Ranjit Singh feel about his Sikh heritage?

Talking about the entire episode of brutal torture on him, Ranjit Singh says that now he has started feeling how our ancestors like Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Ji sacrificed their lives while enduring brutal tortures the then Mughal rulers.

“I feel like Guru Sahib infuses strength in you when you stand up against the evils. Guru Sahib kept me strengthened to face this entire episode,” he said.

Appeal to the youths of Punjab

Appealing to the Sikh youths inclining towards apostasy to adopt the Sikh values, Bhai Ranjit Singh says that everyone has to face tough life situations. Still, if we live our lives as per Guru Sahib’s teachings, then we’ll feel ourselves strengthened to face hardships.

Bhai Ranjit Singh has appealed to the youth to take “Pahul of Amrit” while adopting the Sikh values in their lives.

Views on success farmers’ struggle against contentious farm laws

Bhai Ranjit Singh says that the success of farmers’ struggle against three farm laws was sure even though this agitation may take a long time. He has urged the common masses to support farmers’ agitation by participating in it.

On being questioned about the government’s pressure, Bhai Ranjit Singh says that the Indian government was under full pressure.

At last, he reiterates to stand for the farmers’ interests till last breath.


  1. This interview by Papalpreet singh ji was quiet well conducted. We thank sikh24.com for conveying the truth to us. Bhai Ranjit Singh ji has glorified khalsa even more with tolerating the barbaric backlash of delhi police cops. I pray that he always lives in chardikla.


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