Significance of High Court directing the Delhi govt. to constitute board for examining Navreet Singh’s X-ray report

NEW DELHI, India—On March 17, the Delhi High Court directed the Delhi state health secretary to constitute a board of medical experts, forensic experts, and a radiologist to examine the X-ray report of deceased youth farmer Navreet Singh. The Delhi High Court has made this direction while processing a petition moved by Navreet Singh’s grandfather Hardeep Singh Dibdiba in which he has claimed that Navreet Singh died due to a bullet fired in his head.

25-year-old Navreet Singh had died on January 26 while attending a tractor parade in Delhi. It is believed that his tractor overturned after being shot in the head. Still, the Delhi police have been continuously ruling out this explanation while claiming that Navreet Singh died due to the injuries caused by the overturning of his tractor.

Besides it, the Delhi High Court bench headed by Justice Yogesh Khanna has also directed the doctors of Maulana Azad Medical College to prepare the X-ray report of Navreet Singh from the original X-ray plate handed over to Delhi Police by the Uttar Pradesh police.

It may be recalled here that the autopsy of Navreet Singh was performed in the Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh, after which the UP police had endorsed Delhi police’s version. Still, his family members were not given relevant documents. Later, his family members had managed to obtain the post-mortem report.

The independent external evaluators, including several doctors and forensic experts, had opined that Navreet Singh’s head injuries were consistent with a bullet injury. The X-ray report can clear all doubts in the matter.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the Delhi High Court has deferred hearing on this petition on April 14.

What Navreet’s grandfather Hardeep Singh Dibdiba says?

Speaking to Sikh24, Navreet Singh’s grandfather Hardeep Singh Dibdiba said that he himself had inspected the dead body of Navreet Singh on the spot. “I had found the rear part of Navreet Singh’s head lying opened due to bullet injury,” he added.

Dibdiba said that he was fully sure that Navreet Singh died due to a bullet injury, but the Delhi police cops haven’t been confessing it, nor do they will.

“I am having the record of the first call that I got after Navreet Singh’s death. I was informed that Navreet Singh had been shot,” he said while adding that even the eyewitnesses of this incident informed him on the spot that the Delhi police cops fired a bullet on Navreet Singh,” he said.

Recalling a leaked letter of BJP to its lower cadre, in which BJP workers were directed to oppose farmers in every possible way on January 26, Dibdiba says that the bullet may have been fired by “someone else.” Still, it is sure that Navreet Singh died of a bullet injury in the head.


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