Tarn Taran: Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee Organizes Massive Rally to Announce Next Course of Action

  • Over 1,000 tractors will arrive in Delhi on March 5 to take part in the on-going arrests
  • On March 20, thousands of tractors will move towards the Delhi Morcha
  • Appeal to farmers to arrive in Jathas and stay for 30 days at a time
  • Another rally will be held on April 4 at Amritsar Sahib Dana Mandi


Today, the Tarn Taran Dana Mandi Maha Rally saw a massive gathering from nearby areas. The gathering was held here to seek cancellation of three agricultural laws, guaranteed procurement of all crops by the government, arrested farmers’ release, and dismissal of cases registered against them. Along with farmers, activists of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee Punjab were able to gather scores of laborers, youth, shopkeepers, students, former soldiers, religious leaders, and journalists.
Sarwan Singh Pandher, one of the main organizers of the Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee said –
“The Modi government implemented the World Bank guidelines to hand over agriculture sector and agriculture market to corporate households. Indian Government did this during the time of COVID-19. However, people mobilized against the farm laws in little time, and the world is seeing its biggest movement of all time. The level of support the sangarsh has received has been phenomenal.”
He further condemned the police for arresting activists, NIA for sending notices to farmers, mazdoors, social workers, and journalists. He said the struggle would go on, and if the farmers have to court arrest in masses, they were willing to do so. He condemned the administration for barricading the Kisan Mazdoor Sangarsh Committee’s protest and for posting signs to evacuate the Tikri encampment.
“The masses have come to realize the nexus between Modi-led Government and the corporate giants. Until the laws are repealed, we will continue the agitation,” Pandher added. He asked the massive to gather support and send Jathas to Delhi to spend at least 30 days there.
Pandher told Sikh24 that the protest has become a “Lok Mehar” – a common masses’ movement. He appealed to the people that the Modi Government will use various tactics to scare people – including arrests and criminal charges. “This is not the time to be afraid of these tactics. It’s time to strengthen the agitation so the pressure mounted on the Modi Government could be further intensified,” he added.


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