PICTORIAL: Huge gathering in rally at Mehraj village in support of Lakha Sidhana, Deep Sidhu

BATHINDA, Punjab: Despite several restrictions imposed by the government and hurdles created by the left leaning organizations of Punjab, the rally being organized at Mehraj village of Bathinda district witnessed record breaking gathering of common people in support of Lakha Sidhana, Deep Sidhu and other activists and farmers arrested by Delhi Police in false cases registered for incidents in the national capital of India on January 26.

The rally is being organized in grain market of the historic village and flood of the people carrying Khalsa flags is being witnessed on the venue and surrounding areas. Sidhana on whose information the Delhi Police has announced reward of Rs. 1 Lakh, also managed to appear in the rally.

Detailed story on this rally will be shared later. Here are some scenes of the rally:


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