#FarmersProtest: Lakha Sidhana Appeals Masses to Reach Mehraj (Bathinda) on February 23

  • Lakha appealed to the masses to arrive at Mehraj to instill a new spirit in the Farmers Protest
  • Rally will be held at Dana Mandi, near Rampura road
  • This was the first appeal by Lakha Sidhana after he escaped arrest earlier this week
  • Mehraj is a historical Sikh city where Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji led the battle of Gurusar

BATHINDA, Punjab—Earlier today, Lakha Sidhana shared a video from his Facebook wall, in which he appealed to the youth across Punjab and Haryana to arrive in the city of Mehraj in Bathinda. A rally will be held at the Dana Mandi close to Rampur Road in support of the on-going protests against the farm bills.

“We have been protesting for the past 7 months. Our struggle is in its final stages. I now want to appeal to all of you to reach Mehraj in large numbers. We must send a strong message that the youth are still committed to the farmers’ protest. Arrive not in hundreds, but thousands.”

“This is not about me, or Deep Sidhu, or even the farmer union leaders. This is about the rights of the farmers. We need to remain united in our protest. The responsibility which was on the shoulders of the leaders has been shifted to someone else. We want to put this responsibility back on their shoulders.”

Lakha Sidhana also appealed to the leaders to stop using any language against anyone that causes rifts within the protestors. “Punjab is united against the farm laws and we will show our unity through the massive rally being held in Bathinda,” he added.

Lakha said that the rally would send a strong message to the Union Government that Punjab is committed to getting the farm laws repealed, and we want to get our youth released from the jails. He asked the farm union leaders to stand up and raise their voices for anyone supporting the farmers’ protest, not just the farmers.


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