Reporter: Zee News Asked Us To Record Only Empty Areas at the #FarmersProtest

In a press statement yesterday, Farm Union leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal announced that volunteers have nabbed three workers of the Zee Hindustan who were ordered to record footages that only showed empty areas of the protest. Volunteers at the protest got a hold of one of the phones of the Zee workers, which showed they were mischievously looking to undermine the number of farmers.

These persons were presented in front of the media and asked to explain their side of the story. Dellewal said that a chat shows they were mischievously only looking to record videos of the protest areas that were vacant. These persons purposely did not record the areas such as the langar that showed a massive gathering.

“Our volunteers have nabbed three persons and we have recovered their identification cards showing they work for the Zee News. These persons were asked to record only those areas from the protest venue that were empty. In addition, they were advised to leave at once if anyone finds their activity to be suspicious,” Dallewal said.

Sikh reporter Sandeep Singh (@PunYaab) also shared a video on his Twitter account, showing the chat between the Zee News reporters, which confirms that they were at the protest site to undermine the number of protestors.

The Hindu, also reported that crowds were thinning out at farmers protests outside Delhi. 


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