Manjit Singh GK: Sikhs Are Being Targeted in India Due to Propaganda by State Media

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In a video shared through his Facebook page, Delhi-based Sikh leader Manjit Singh GK condemned the rise of propaganda against the Sikhs by Indian state media.

“Today, I received a call around midnight regarding thrashing of a Sikh youth named Arshdeep Singh in the Rani Bagh area of Delhi. He, along with his wife were thrashed brutally at a traffic intersection.”

“Media is reporting that weapons are being found at the homes of Sikhs. But sadly, they are hiding the fact that these weapons are kirpans, which are holy to the Sikhs. If they won’t find kirpans from our homes, what else do they expect to find?” he questioned.

“Kirpans are a constitutional right of the Sikhs. I condemn the role of the Indian media. They are playing with religious sentiments and giving rise to communal tensions,” GK added.

There has been a rise of hate-filled propaganda against the Sikhs due to the on-going farmers’ protest against the Modi-led BJP Government. A number of state-controlled TV channels have targetted Sikhs as separatists, blaming them for protesting under the influence of foreign countries.


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