Suspense over Lakha Sidhana’s arrest after Police announce reward of Rs. 1 lakh for information on him


Suspense is prevailing over the arrest of activist Lakhbir Singh (Lakha Sidhana) hours after the Delhi Police on Sunday announced a reward of Rs. 1 lakh for information on his whereabouts.

After actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu was arrested by the Police, Lakha Sidhana was also declared wanted by the police as a “key accused” of the January 26 incidents that took place in the national capital of India. The Police have stated that he “incited” violence during the tractor rally taken out by the farmers in protest against three draconian farm laws of the Indian government.

Today, news flashed on various web news channels about the arrest of the activist but without confirmation. Some channels also reported that the Police were chasing him but he managed to evade his arrest.  The air is yet to be cleared. His fans were concerned about his fate as he is going missing.

Various teams of Delhi Police, along with the special cell, are conducting search operations across Punjab, Haryana and Delhi-NCR to arrest him.

The gangster-turned-social activist worked tirelessly to mobilize farmers in Punjab to go to Delhi and take part in the stir against the laws as per the programmes given by the farm organisations. He met local people in the villages and exhorted them to be part of the struggle for their survival. Now, when the Police have slapped a false case against him to suppress his activism, the organizations are not speaking in his favour.

He made headlines in 2019 when his supporters smudged the English language on signboards on highways, demanding that Punjabi be put on top.


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