February 5: Maha Panchayats Cause Major Problems for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan as Farmer Resistance Continues to Grow

1. UP Police filed FIR against mother, brother for draping farmer’s body in tricolour. Baljinder Singh, a farmer died on his way to join the farmers’ protest in Ghaziabad. Baljinder’s mother, Jasveer Kaur, & brother Gurvinder Singh have been named in FIR filed on the complaint of Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, Sehramau PS incharge. Both have been booked under Prevention of Insults to the National Honour Act, which provides for imprisonment of up to 3 years.
2. In 2016 Ravin Sisodia died of Chikungunya, his body was wrapped in the national flag. BJP leaders attended his funeral. Ravin Sisodia was one of the accused in the Dadri lynching case. Then of course Modi did and wiped his face and nose with the Indian flag. Just saying……
3. A farmer named Gurjant singh (45) s/o Jira Singh died on the spot in an accident while returning to his Ren Basera from stage area at #Tikriborder when he was hit by a bus. He was shifted to Bahadurgarh hospital but could not survive due to loss of blood.
4. India constantly recalls slogan Jai Jivan Jai Kisan, (hail army, hail farmer), then jail a 70 year old sikh farmer and an 88 year old sikh farmer who are both former Indian army veterans.
5. Maha Panchayats are now causing more issues for the BJP govt than the Morcha sites. This is the third day of these Maha Panchayats where over 100,000 people have attended. This despite the BJP Chief minister Uttar Pradesh banning these events. Despite internet blackouts and threats to remove passports huge crowds come out for farmers. Local press said these are not just farmers but all types of people are supporting farmers. It’s a major message than BJP is losing these states.
6. Haryana, Rajistan and Uttar Pradesh had huge Maha Panchayats today. Despite Delhi Police turning morcha sites into concentration camps, the Farmers message is getting out in these Maha Panchayats.
7. Mahapanchayat In UP’s Shamli. District Magistrate have imposed section 144 but still 100,00 people have gathered to participate in the protest.
8. A mahapanchayt has been called in Charkhi Dadri in Haryana on 7th Feb. Both @RakeshTikaitBKU and Gurnam Singh Chadhuni likely to attend. This is second mahapanchayat after Kandela in Jind.
9. Hundreds turn in Karnal Plaza. Authorities unable to stop the enthusiasm of people to protest.
10. United Nation Human Rights tweeted,”#India: We call on the authorities and protesters to exercise maximum restraint in ongoing #FarmersProtests. The rights to peaceful assembly & expression should be protected both offline & online. It’s crucial to find equitable solutions with due respect to #HumanRights for all.”
11. In the latest embarrassing episode for BJP, Ghazipur Farmers including Rakesh Tikait plant flowers when there Modi Government planted spikes which are illegal in international law. Marigold flowers were planted.
12. Farmers will block national & state highways for 3 hours between 12 pm to 3pm as protest against #InternetBan, harassment by Govt, water & electricity cut at protest sites and anti-Farmers Budget 2021.
13. Rakesh Tikait has said that farmers had evidence & hints that few people would have attempted to spread violence at these places and that’s why Uttarkhand & Uttar Pradesh are kept out of #ChakkaJaam. They are now know how BJP goons operate.
14. Emergency and essential services won’t be stopped. It will be peaceful Jam. Chakka Jam will conclude at 3 PM after blowing horn of cars for a minute. Farmer unions appeal to people join and show solidarity with farmers.
15. When Godhi media asked why they are doing in all states but not Delhi, as farmer leader responded “we have blocked the 3 main highways into delhi for last 3 months, please wake up.” However Godhi media still using Headline that farmers not blocking Delhi.
16. Bollywood backlash begins. Farmers in Patiala told Bobby Deol and his film crew to pack up and leave Punjab. They had to stop filming and pack their trucks.
17. Niece of USA Vice President, Meena Harris tweeted, “This isn’t just about agricultural policy. It’s also about the persecution of a vocal religious minority. It’s police violence, militant nationalism, and attacks on labor rights. It’s global authoritarianism. Don’t tell me to stay out of your affairs. These are all of our issues.”. She understands India better than Bollywood and Godhi media.
18. Stephen Kinnock MP, UK Labour’s Shadow Minister for Asia and the Pacific, commenting on the farmers protests in India, said: “We are increasingly concerned by the violent nature of clashes between the farmers and police, and the risks to essential democratic rights and freedoms. We call on both sides to show restraint, but we are clear that the onus is the Indian authorities’ to protect the farmers’ right to peaceful protest, to respect their right to freedom of assembly and expression, and to respond to any incidents of civil disobedience in a proportionate and appropriate manner. “The Foreign Secretary should raise these concerns with his counterpart in the Indian government as a matter of urgency.”
19. Celebrity reporter Mehdi Hasan does a YouTube video calling the fascism of Modi. It’s called Farmers Protest and Modi descent into Authoritarianism.
20. The Wire : Rihanna’s tweet was a huge setback for the Indian state and others trying to silence the farmer protests because it broke the monopoly of power and influence held by highly positioned stakeholders in the media and state apparatus.
21. Over the past 24hrs the following tags have been trending:
22. #StandwithFarmers ~4000 tweets/hr trending sideways
23. #FarmersProtest ~12,000 tweets/hr trending sideways
24. #HumanRights ~400 tweets/hr and trending upwards overnight
25. Unlike the modern rent a Bollywood stars for BJP who all parroted the pre-written tweets by BJP press office. More veteran Bollywood actor Satrughan Sinha speak eloquently on NDTV against BJP tactics and in favour of farmers.
26. BJP favorite tabloid website OPindia now claim khalistanis paid Rihanna 18 Crores for tweet. She is worth 550 million dollars. Not everyone behave like BJP and their bollywood poodles.
27. #FARMERSPROTEST MISSING PEOPLE HOTLINE * @unitedsikhs are helping people connect with family/friends that are “missing” since attending the ongoing farmers’ protests in Delhi. We have received many reports of protesters being arrested and then “disappearing”.
28. KANGANA RANAUT was on Republic TV spouting absolute venom after getting her genocidal tweet banned.
29. It’s a UK broadcast. Please complain to Ofcom via: https://t.co/miI2CyiYli
30. DETAILS TO COMPLETE: Show Name : 10 Main Hai Dum, Broadcast Time : 8:30pm. Broadcast Date : 4/2/21, Broadcaster Name : Republic World, Platform : Sky TV Comments : SPREADING HATE BETWEEN AND INCITING COMMUNITIES. The main guest speaker on the show, Kangana Ranaut made claims that peaceful farmers protesting in India are terrorists and false claims that Sikh community are inciting/funding violence. She also criticised Greta Thunberg for conspiring to break and destroy India in relation to Anti-Indian forces, while mocking autism. She referred to Rihanna as a ‘porn singer’ several times. Spreading hate between and inciting communities. Link to interview: video https://t.co/X9gGhV13jH


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