‘Deeply Hurt by Certificate of Traitor’:  Deep Sidhu gets emotional in fresh video

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Punjabi film actor-turned-activist Deep Singh who is underground after being booked by Delhi Police under charges of sedition and unlawful activities, today got emotional saying that he has deeply been hurt by the certificate of “traitor” issued to him by farmers’ leaders and other people of Punjab.

In a fresh video he shared on Facebook from an unknown place, his eyes are seen brimmed with tears when he shares his sentiments. He said he has greatly been disheartened by the tags of “traitor” given to him after he hoisted ‘Nishan Sahib’ (Khalsa flag) on the empty pole at Red Fort at Delhi on the occasion of tractor rally taken out by farmers against three farm laws on January 26.

“What did I do wrong by hoisting the Nishan Sahib? The act was just a symbolic protest against the Indian government. The farmers’ leaders should have taken a stand over it, not opposed it,” he said.

“Punjabis have somehow become detached from their tradition of valor and sacrifice. Today, we are just fighting for our lands, not our consciousness. How do we plan to go back home after the laws are released when our consciousness is still dead,” asked.

He said, “I left everything I had just to become a voice of Punjab and fight for its cause. However, I was declared a traitor. Is it the prize for me? Seeing me and Lakha Sidhana, no one will stand to fight for concerns and right of Punjab in future.”

He said he was staying in a makeshift tent of a Bihari migrant labourers as no other place had been left for him to take shelter when the cops are behind him and the people are scolding him. He said his life had totally been ruined. “In such a situation, how could I be an agent of the government?” he asked the unions’ leaders.

“Even Bihari migrant workers are far better than us Punjabis, who have at least given me shelter and food. I am left alone,” he said.

He said he felt “abandoned by everyone”, including Gurdaspur MP Sunny Deol, for whom he campaigned in the 2019 general elections and who has since disassociated himself from Sidhu. “I’m not afraid of arrest,” he added.




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