January 26: Farmers Carry Out Historic Tractor March in Delhi

1. One Farmer, Navneet Singh was shot in the head by Delhi Police where he died on the spot. He was driving his tractor. A Singh who was next to him said the police stoned us first, then tear-gassed us, then shot him in the head. He was the grandson of Bhai Hardeep Singh Dibdiba, President of Rajasthan Sikh Gurdwara Managing Committee. Apparently, he had come back from Australia to be part of the morcha. Media stating he died due to his tractor falling over, showing only the last minute of the video, not the full video, however observers confirmed he was shot.
2. Video of people at Red Fort state 3 farmers who reached inside the fort where shot. From these 3, one passed away in hospital. This happened before the flags were changed.
3. Reports that some farmers arrested inside the Red Fort after lathi charged. Farmers sitting outside Red Fort entrance wanting their release.
4. Farmers reached Lal Kila (Delhi famous Red Fort ) then raised Khalsa Nishaan Sahib on it for the 20th time in History.
5. Delhi police shut down internet to stop images being shared of delhi residents welcoming farmers and the police brutal crackdown on farmers.
6. Trains, underground and all other transport closed in Delhi.
7. Chief Minister Amrinder declares Punjab on high alert. Same in Delhi. This will affect Punjabis as they travel to and from Punjab for supplies.
8. Godhi Media blaming farmers leaders for clashes. Farmer leaders say police decided routes too late, which created confusion. Other farmer leaders distanced themselves from what happened at Red Fort. Farmers Unions call for farmers to return to morcha site.
9. Yoginder Yadav blamed Deep Sidhu on TV channels, while saying 90% of farmers were peaceful. Deep Sidhu responds saying all farmers are together, but farmer leaders do not understand emotions of farmers.
10. Many farmers injured as police lathi charged them. Some police injured as farmers responded. Many hospitalized.
11. Video shows Singhs safely escorting hurt police officers to safely. One video shows a nihang singh safely escorting a female police officer near Red Fort. Another video shows a sikh farmer morcha steward escorting a police officer after police tear gassed farmers. However none of these video ever get shown on Indian TV news.
12. Media not showing the many tractors with punctured Tyres and farmers vehicles damaged by Delhi police.
13. Farmers say agreement was barricades would be removed on routes, which they were not, so they had to breakthrough.
14. Nihang Singhs came out escorting farmers past many police blockades. One elder nihang singh challenged 20 policemen by himself.
15. Flowers dropped on farmers as they go past Delhi Karnal bypass by locals.
16. Many parts of Delhi residents welcoming farmers into the city.
17. Farmers capture hooligans sent by Delhi Police to damage public property to defame farmers. Farmers have handed over 13 people with Govt ID cards to Police. These people were responsible for damaging the DTC buses at ITO. Police Joint Commissioner promised action. The green bus shown on many Godhi media channels that was vandalized was done by them.
18. Due to UP and delhi passing orders not to sell diesel to tractors. So Punjabi farmers started “Diesel langar”. They gave free diesel to any tractor in the delhi morcha.
19. Arnab Goswami on Republic TV goes into overdrive as he uses today’s events as a break from news scrutiny on his what’s app chat evidencing his corruption. He calls to Amit Shah for a major crackdown on farmers.
20. Republic TV complaining that farmers were throwing back tear gas pellets when they were fired on farmers. What do they expect farmers to do? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
21. Godhi Media narrative all about Indian flag as it’s seen as an easy way to whip up population. Internet pictures show to those who mention the Indian flag that it was not removed. That pole on which nishaan sahib was raised was empty. Others point out UP govt has its BJP flag above Indian flag. Others show picture of BJP members disrespecting Indian flag over BJP flag.
22. The Indian Government and media are speaking out against the Nishan Sahib, but it’s been hoisted by the Sikh regiment on the border in Galwan Valley for decades.
23. Twitter has suspended @sikhsiyasat editors account! @TwitterSupport we need immediate action to restore the account of a highly respected journalist and community figure. Later 9 other Sikh Twitter accounts disabled.
24. Last night, Lakha Sidhana clears that he is not part of any committee announced yesterday and wants Ekta. It’s important that the morcha does not get derailed.
25. Massive farmer protests in Bengaluru in Karnataka.
26. Women’s Gulabi Gang join thousands protesting in Mumbai today.
27. Large tractor rally in Jallundhar to support farmers.
28. Agra: Over 100 Farmers Allegedly Put Under ‘House Arrest’ Ahead Of Republic Day Tractor Rally. Farmers alleged that the fuel stations have been asked: “not to sell fuel to tractors.” After being stopped by police at many places on Sunday, farmers briefly blocked the Agra-Bareilly highway in Etah district.
29. Sikh Farmers from Italy raise Khalsa Flag outside Rome embassy.
30. Sikhs from around USA Midwest gathered in Detroit yesterday to show their support for the farmers protesting in India. The car rally had flags and banners that highlight the importance of farmers and solidarity with their protest. They also gathered supplies to send the farmers. Local TV news reported over 1000 people took part.
31. Farmers rally held in Toronto in the bitter cold.
32. Farmers protest held in a Melbourne.
33. Today, a group of farmers from Chhattisgarh to District Kisan Sangh Rajnandgaon joined the protest.Sangh leader Sudesh Tikam expressing solidarity with the struggle and explaining about the activity in Chhattisgarh.
34. Fortune magazine article – How two of India’s richest men became the target of farmer boycotts.
35. Financial Times London article – Farmers flood into New Delhi to vent anger over agriculture reforms. Indian police fire tear gas and baton-charge protests after tractors breach barricades.
36. Observers said the scenes witnessed in Delhi today is a result of a government that is so steeped in arrogance that it kept farmers waiting in the cold on the borders for two months and merely indulged in lip service. It did nothing to diffuse the situation.
37. Jatinder Singh KA Canada. – The way the farmers union is quizzed about the ‘violence’ by @BBCNews is ridiculous. They didn’t instigate the violence when Police was meant to remove the barricades, yet used tear gas. The question really is how did the protestors show such restraint?
38. Haryana Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait messaged on Facebook. “Congratulations to the farmers of the country for peaceful agitation and tractor parade. The outrage among farmers is very deep. Yet they usually introduced restraint.The government has to recognize the outrage of the farmers. The government should leave stubbornness and accept the demands of the farmers in the interest of the country.”
39. BBC Punjabi criticized for having Kangana Ranaut commentating of Farmer protests. Very poor journalism. It like having the Klu Klux Klan commenting on immigration policy.
40. This morcha is long marathon. Today is just another day in that marathon. Sangat should focus with sehaj on Saving Punjab. Do not get whipped up in reactions. Bring everyone together in Sehaj. Today on Indias Republic Day, millions of citizens of India by their different actions all showed how unhappy they are with Modi from so many different states. Is making Ambani and Adani richer worth so much unrest ? It’s clear no farmers in any part of india want these laws.
41. No private property was damaged today like in 1984. No shops were looted today, no women were assaulted or raped, no houses were burned. No delhi citizen was hurt. Vehicles of farmers were damaged. Despite what Godhi media tell you, It’s clear the farmers have no issues with the citizens of Delhi, they only have Modi, Adani, Ambani and BJP made laws.


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