SGPC accelerates efforts to implement clean energy for cooking langar

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—To accelerate steps towards the use of clean energy for cooking langar in sacred Sikh shrines, SGPC president Bibi Jagir ‘Kaur’ met Rara Sahib seminary of Baba Baljinder Singh seeking his support for this initiative.

After meeting Baba Baljinder Singh, Bibi Jagir said that the SGPC has an initial plan to implement a steam cooking system at the world’s most extensive community kitchen situated in the Sri Darbar Sahib complex. She said the system would later be implemented in other Sikh shrines. “The preparation of langar by steam would save fuel expenditures while bringing down the pollution and time as well,” she added.

It is pertinent to mention here that around 2,00,000 devotees from all over the world partake in langar every day at Guru Ram Dass Langar situated in the Sri Darbar Sahib complex.

Interacting with media on this occasion, Baba Baljinder Singh Rara Sahib shed light on the benefits of cooking langar by steam. “The steam cooking method maintains the taste and nutrition of the food. We have been using this system for cooking langar at Rara Sahib for a decade,” he said.  

He further said that the technology was not advanced some years ago, but now it has improved a lot. “The required equipment would be brought from Germany for installation of the steam system, and this process is likely to take a few months,” he added.  

He hailed Bibi Jagir Kaur’s efforts for taking this initiative while also thanking her for assigning this seva to him.

SGPC interim committee member Satwinder Singh Tohra, member of SGPC Dharam Prachar Committee Bhai Ajaib Singh Abhayasi, manager of Sri Darbar Sahib Mukhtar Singh, OSD to SGPC president Amrik Singh Latifpur, Dr. Sukhbir Singh, superintendent Malkit Singh Baherwal were also present in this meeting.


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