January 16: Leaked Whatsapp messages of Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami reveal shocking information

1. Farmer Baher Singh (35) of Lambi camp passed away at Tikri Border today. Baher Singh had volunteered to stay up at night and guard the trolleys. He slept around 3 am and didn’t wake up this morning.
2. Farmer Tirath Singh Of village Naushera Punia (Tarn Taran) passed away at Ghazipur border. Tirath Singh was at the border for the last fifteen days.
3. Sikh doctor arrived at the Tikri border from the USA. This doctor is treating the needy for free with his team.
4. Thousands of Mumbai residents today marched in favor of Farmers. All religions and social groups were represented.
5. NIA has sent a notice to farm Union leader Baldev Singh Sirsa today. He has to appear at NIA headquarters tomorrow. On one side he is invited into govt buildings for negotiations of Farmer bills, then he is being investigated for being anti-National. This is the clearest evidence of manipulation of the negotiations via underhanded tactics.
6. Over 40 Sikh & Punjab activists received these letters yesterday, more today. The authorities have not been able to divide and rule after 53 days so this is the latest attempt to get activists against each other.
7. Observers state, “Even if you stamp your forehead with Tiraga and protest against this govt, they will find a way to prove that you are seditious. This is what dissent looks like in India.”
8. Khalsa Aid issued a press notice as their India team has received NIA letters. They state they have genuine concerns about the health and well-being of their team along with interrogation that does not comply with international standards.
9. Akaal Channel India head received NIA letter too.
10. Poetic Justice Foundation creates a website called www.askindiawhy.com to provide a narrative on the morcha.

11. Embarrassing revelations have come out today from the 500 pages of leaked Whatsapp messages of Republic TV Arnab Goswami. The comments show the complete depravity of this Godi media news anchor. Despite this proof of him being happy at Indian soldiers dead at the border due to it creating ratings for him. His anti-National comments are clear, but no NIA letters for him as he is one of the main voices of Godi media. 

12. Arnab Goswami on TV keeps praising Modi for the economy, but in his Whatsapp messages, he says Modi has screwed the economy.
13. Godi media exposed by the New Laundry YouTube channel as showing a lawyer on their TV news programs as the farmers’ main lawyer in Supreme Court. When in reality he has no link to farmers. He was propped up by Godi media. They did not show the 4 actual lawyers of the farmers.
14. Khalsa Camp India sewadaars have started parchar sewa at Kisan Morcha designed as campaign against suicides, Sikhi values & rehat messages. They have planned sharing stories of extraordinary valor from Sikh History presented as street plays. The team today did multiple presentations along the length of Morcha. The audience was highly inspired and many wanted prints of the paintings.
15. JCBs and tractors appear in videos showing Sangat on them coming to Delhi from Punjab.
16. Kisaan rally in Denmark today.
17. 1000 farmers, mainly females will arrive in Delhi tomorrow from Maharashtra and Gujerat.
18. Punjab students from Ferozpur Punjab have started their bike rally to Delhi today. It will go through 12 states.
19. A large meeting in Bangalore today of civil activists and farmer leaders to decide actions to support the farmers’ protests.
20. 20 districts in Bihar today had meetings and rallies to support the farmers.
21. 1000 farmers from Kerala reached the Shahjahanpur site today. They have traveled 3000kms to reach the delhi protest.
22. Demonstrations today in the Ganjam district of Odisha today to support farmers.
23. The vast protest has from the beginning been driven by the divine. The diversity now reflects every person of India. The tasks of daily cleaning and feeding the population of these sites have become a vast operation by volunteers. No one mindset, religion or section of society could have brought so many different people together. Only Guru Maharaj’s kirpa has brought this morcha together and keeps it going 50+ day’s later.
24. The morcha sites still struggle for portable toilets as private hire companies worry about damage if security forces begin a crackdown on the protests.
25. Below are pictures of the 2 farmers who passed away today.