Statements by Farm Union Leaders on Supreme Court’s Decision to Form Committee on Farm Laws

Key points

  • Farmers reject Supreme Court committee
  • All Supreme Court Committee members are pro-farm laws
  • Supreme Court to consider another petition imposing a ban on the Jan 26 tractor march

NEW DELHI—Earlier today, leaders of the farm unions held a press conference after the Supreme Court announced to form a panel to decide the future of the farm laws. The farm union leaders rejected the proposal by the Supreme Court and announced to continue the protests. Following statements were given by the farm union leaders –

Darshan Pal

“We have already informed that the Farm Union will not accept any committee. We were hopeful that the Supreme Court would repeal the laws. While I appreciate the Supreme Court’s decision notifying the Union Government that the protest is legal, we will not accept the committee’s decision as all the committee members are pro-farm laws. We will be celebrating Lohri tomorrow, in which the farmers will burn the three farm laws.”

Balbir Singh Rajewal

“We are still awaiting the official Supreme Court notice. We recognize the decision to create a committee as a step by the Government to ease the pressure that’s been built by the farmers. We do not accept the Supreme Court decision, and our protests will continue against the Government.”

Jagmohan Singh

“All the people included in the Supreme Court committee are already known as pro-farm bills. Even if the Supreme Court changes the panel, we will not accept it. We are here for an indefinite period, and we will continue our protest peacefully. We do not accept the committee. Our protests will intensify over the coming days.”

Prem Singh Bhangu

“Everyone had their eyes turned towards the Supreme Court decision. A petition was already underway in Supreme Court, but the hearing on this petition was postponed. At the same time, the Supreme Court announced a fresh decision based on the Union Government’s request. The SC decision is dubious as in one place. It is saying that the farmer protests are legal, and Government action was condemned. However, another petition was also filed by the Delhi police seeking a ban on the tractor march to be carried out on January 26.