Open Letter: If not Aurangzeb then what shall we call you?

Amid ongoing farmers’ agitation at the Delhi borders, veteran All India Sikh Student Federation leader Harvinder Singh Khalsa has written an open letter to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while calling him the Aurangzeb of today’s era. 

Read below the translated version of his letter: 

If not Aurangzeb, then what shall we call you?

From the throne of this country, Aurangzeb had forcefully imposed the law of levying a jizya tax on your ancestors. From the throne of this particular country, Aurangzeb had issued an order to remove the janeus of your ancestors while forcing them to embrace Islam.

Aurangzeb had issued an order banning your ancestors from riding horses of good quality from the throne this same country, sitting in a palanquin and keeping a good weapon.

Following the same path, Bahadur Shah, Farrukhsiyar, Mir Mannu, Zakariya Khan tortured all your ancestors.

And sitting on the same throne, Oh Modi, you are forcibly imposing three anti-farmer bills on the farmers they will never tolerate.

Oh Modi, you must remember how did Bahadur Shah, Farrukhsiyar, Mir Mannu, and Zakariya Khan, who were following the path of Aurangzeb, come to an end?

Oh Modi, what is the difference between you and Aurangzeb?

The beloved brothers of sisters, beloved sons of mothers, and beloved hubbies of newly married brides are continuously losing lives while enduring frosty nights on roads due to your stubborn attitude. But you are not feeling even a little bit of their sufferings just like the heirs of Aurangzeb.

Now, it is also becoming clear that the ongoing daily incidents also don’t have any impact on even your political generals and governors; instead, they are worsening the situation with their false statements.

Oh, Modi, the spirits of atrocious and ferocious Mughal emperors have taken over you. That is why you are creating new and new problems every day while adopting cruel methods.

For this reason, we say, “If not Aurangzeb, then what shall we call you?”

– Harvinder Singh Khalsa



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