December 30:

1. Young farmer Jangsir Singh passed away today in Tikri border.
2. Talks with Farmer unions and the Indian Govt failed today. Govt agreed on 2 minor demands, but not on the important demands.
3. Agriculture Minister Tomar Media Address after today’s meeting – “Today’s Meeting was in good faith & both sides expressed an urge to resolve the issue. We talked on 4 point agenda of Unions and arrived at resolving 50% of the issues. The two ordinances (stubble & electricity) have been assured to be discarded by the Government. Unions are adamant on their demand of repeal of the laws, we tried to explain our part & how laws benefit most farmers. We are willing to resolve any issues in the laws wide amendments. Our position on MSP is clear & we reiterated same that it will stay like it is on. We urge them to send the old, women and children home because of cold weather”.
4. @Amaanbali – Farmers Unions have postponed the tractor march till 4th Jan. This is done because of good nature of meeting and half the demands have been met.
5. Hundreds injured from yesterday’s brutal tactics of BJP CM of Bihar lathis charging 10,000 farmers peacefully walking to the Governor’s House.
6. Modi bhagats call NDTV fake news, as it does not repeat Godi media talking points demonising farmers and minorities.
7. Indian express interview with economist Devinder Sharma. He states, “If free markets in agriculture were so good I see no reason why the rich countries go on pumping in massive subsidies year after year”.
8. Hinditvawatch – BJP IT cell troll Himanshu Jain followed by Narendra Modi, Piyush Goyal compares medical camp at #FarmersProtests in Delhi to ‘Lashkar or Naxal camp’, asks ‘did they forget how 1984 happened’.
9. BJP senior Leader Rajnath Singh in an interview distances himself from criticism of the farmers. Carefully praises farmers profession and Sikhs, but not farmers demands. However very different tone to Modi, Amit shah and Tomar. Observers says it just a BJP game.
10. Hinditvawatch – Pro BJP ‘defense analyst’ Abhijit Iyer Mitra wants pellet guns used against farmers protesting in Punjab
11. Former Chief economist to World bank, Indian Kausik Basu, who spoke in favour of farmers. He commented on hate trolls from BJP IT cell, to himself and Amartya sen. “It is a shame that Amartya Sen, celebrated the world over, is under personal attack today in his own country, India. It is by a small right-wing group, but still, this is so sad for India.”
12. Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is India’s most valuable company with a market value of ₹12.64 lakh crore, followed by Tata Consultancy at ₹10.91 lakh crore, HDFC Bank at ₹7.69 lakh crore, Hindustan Unilever at ₹5.63 lakh crore and Infosys at ₹5.26 lakh crore.
13. Business Insider India magazine has article – From uprooting mobile towers to cries of #BoycottJio— the farmers’ protests in India are heating up and spreading far and wide.
14. Ambani owned Jio Mobile Stops Responding To PORT Requests as thousands leave its service.
15. Around 2000 Jio towers targeted. In most cases power supply was cut off. Police restored functioning of 80 percent towers. Jio officials met Punjab’s Senior officials seeking security for telecom infrastructure.
16. Mukesh Ambani brother Anil has massive on going issues. “The accounts of 3 Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group entities have reportedly been flagged as fraudulent by three banks, including India’s largest lender, SBI. RCom, Reliance Infratel & Reliance Telecom owe lenders 86,188 Cr.
17. Australians support the farmer movement by protesting against Andani and Ambani. Sikhs on social media ask if Godhi media will call white Australians as terrorists like it does to Sikhs and Muslims.
18. Females on social media tweet that posts they put in favour of farmers are responded to with rape threats by Modi bhagats.
19. Protests in Mumbai today in favour of farmers.
20. Roads closed at Vighay Bhawan.
21. Vox media puts on short video on farmers protests.
22. A group of 30-40 NRI Punjabis from US, Canada, Germany and other countries have arrived at Singhu to protest against new farm laws.
23. Farmers unions avoiding Godhi media Zee News. Zee female reporter wrapped her arm around Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait , but he moved away aware that afterwards these Godhi media reporters make allegations to trap them.
24. Zee News Editor in Chief Sudhir Chaudhry who has become infamous for his hate reporting on farmers, Sikhs and Khalsa Aid. Sudhir owns the channel with a BJP MP Subash Chandra. In November 2012, Chaudhary was arrested, with Sameer Ahluwalia on charges of extortion. This followed a complaint that had been filed by Congress MP and businessman, Naveen Jindal. Jindal had alleged that the two journalists had tried to extort Rs. 100 Crore worth of advertisements from his company in exchange for dropping stories that linked the Jindal Group with the Coalgate scam. The two were sent to 14-day judicial custody in Tihar jail and were ultimately released on bail. However innocent minorities like Sikhs spent decades in jail.
25. Jazzy B tells ZEE5 ZEE TV Canada to take down his promo for Canada Bhangra superstar ZEE5BalleBalle show in protest for their smear campaign against Ravi Singh-Khalsa Aid & Khalsa Aid International
26. 43,000 people join #boycott_zeenews_challenge in one day.
27. Jazzy B still at morcha doing langar seva and mixing with farmers.
28. Shaheen Bagh shooter Kapil Gujjar, who was arrested, was today inducted into the BJP party. This is the party that calls others terrorists when many of its MPs have criminal cases against them. Then hours later after Twitter and media storm, BJP denies that they knew he was the shooter and removed him from BJP. Another day of Modi BJP govt incompetence in so many ways.
29. Nihang dals announce Amrit Sanchaar at morcha on Sunday.
30. Gurpreet Singh Bathinda artist, who’s political cartoons we have featured slot on these updates. Today, he does a live painting on stage, showing the face of Modi with Adolf Hilter.
31. Uk MP Preet Gill speaks on PTC in favour of farmers.
32. A 2014 letter is being shared in which Home Secretary Priti Patel has openly expressed her admiration and support for terrorist organisations such as the RSS. Priti has also attempted to legitimse the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) which is the UK branch of the RSS, attached is a signed letter affirming her support for the HSS.
33. 81-year-old Sukhdev Singh & his 80-year-old wife Jagir Kaur from Kattu village in Barnala have been inspiring many at Tikri border. Landless and childless, the couple claims the fight is for the betterment of Punjab and to safeguard the interests of the future generations.



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