December 27: Farmers Protest Leaders Arrive at Fatehgarh Sahib

1. 4 farmers and one lawyer passed away today. Farmers were Gurpyaar Singh, Amrik Singh, Sukhbir Singh, Umarpal Singh.
2. Gurpyaar Singh (61) was protesting at Tikri and had been sent home due to illness has passed away in his village. He was a member of BKU (Dakoda) and was sitting at Tikri for 24days.
3. Amarjit Rai was a Lawyer of the Jalalabad Bar association he committed suicide & left a suicide note blaming midi treatment of farmers. He is the fifty people to pass away today.
4. Cold rain tonight has made conditions very hard for protestors. However, keertan carried on in the rain.
5. Ardas and Sardhanjali given to Mata Gujjar Kaur ji and younger sahibzade.
6. Over 50,000 farmers block Kolkatas major road to support farmers in Delhi.
7. Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait, who has been at the forefront of the ongoing farmers’ protest, allegedly received a death threat on his phone on Saturday evening.
8. Modi speaks to the Indian nation via Maan ki Baat show.
9. Farmers protesting at Delhi border points banged utensils while marching and chanting slogans against the Central government, while Modi was on TV. Similar to the one Modi called for during lockdown.
10. A group of Soldiers arrived at the Delhi Border farmer protests and pledged support for the farmer’s cause. The soldiers put their medals in a box and gave it to the government in protest of the government not taking back the farm bills.
11. Delhi CM Kejriwal amongst the speakers at Singhu border. His delhi govt has been providing tankers of water for farmers to do ishnaan.
12. Khalsa Aid has opened its second mall at Singhu border for our farmer community with the blessings of the almighty.
13. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath bowed down in a Gurdwara in one of Lucknow on the occasion of the martyrdom day of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s younger Sahibzada, but still attacks farmers on the streets. It’s their dual policy of say one thing, do another.
14. Blankets and other supplies comes in trucks from sikhs as far away as Kashmir.
15. Kerala farmers have sent 20 tonnes of Pineapples to farmers in Delhi. “They are protesting to protect the interests of each one of us. And that is why we are standing strong in solidarity with them,” said James George, President of the Kerala Pineapple Farmers Association: The News Minute
16. Indian Express – For the first time in seven years, PM Modi is beginning to look weak. Article by Tavleen Singh
17. Godhi media had a BJP spokesman on TV who said they need evidence of any farmers passing away. Farmers say 40 + have now passed now.
18. At Tikri Border, a elder farmer was attacked at night by policemen as he went to the washroom. They broke his wrist.
19. State secretary of BJP, AP, Rameshnaidu Nagothu posts Indira Gandhi’s video from 1984 to falsely accuse farmers of being violent, anti national, falsely claims Congress stands now with those who ‘chant Bharat tere tukde honge, Khalistan zindabad slogans’
20. More protests in Toronto this weekend.
21. Protests outside India vs Australia cricket match in Melbourne.
22. Shiv Sena – ‘India will break like Russia,’ Sanjay Raut issues a subtle threat in his rants against PM Modi
23. Youth Akali Dal (YAD) President Parambans Singh Romana today said chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh had turned the Punjab Police into a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Protection Force on the directions of union home minister Amit Shah. YAD President said it was shocking that Punjab Police personnel had been removed from active duty and assigned to protect the houses and business establishments of BJP leaders by the Congress government in Punjab on the directions of the union home minister.
24. Lakha Sidhana, Raj Kakra, Deep Sidhu and others arrive at Fatehgarh sahib ji and ask Sangat to support delhi morcha.
25. Sikh runner Jagdeep Singh ran from Delhi to Amritsar in 48hrs. He did Ardaas at Harmandir Sahib for victory of Farmers.
26. Farmers Protest has entered day 95 at Jandiala Guru where people are sitting at Railway station. Nearly all major railway tracks of Punjab are witnessing 95th day of protests. Don’t let them whitewash this with ‘one month of protests’.
27. Farmers at Nirankari grounds are turning the infertile ground to a field. Onions, garlic and peas are sown at location. Nirankari grounds host 1200-1500 farmers atm. A farmer said. “We will leave the site greener, better and food can be used by the needy if they want.”
28. Farmers have urged everyone to celebrate new year with them at Singhu and Tikri borders.



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