Kisaan Mall comes up at Tikri border to avail necessary goods to protesting farmers

NEW DELHI, India—To ease the stay of agitating farmers at Delhi border amid this chilling cold environment, the Khalsa Aid has setup a Kisaan Mall at Tikri border to convey necessary goods to the protesting farmers in a comfortable way. Earlier, crowds were being witnessed at distribution points but now the Khalsa Aid has come up with sytematic distribution plan so that every farmer could get items of his / her necessity.

Sikh24 has been informed that the volunteers of Khalsa Aid are approaching farmers to know their demands through a written proforma. Later, the farmers are allotted time to collect the relief material of their necessity from Kisaan Mall through tokens.

The items being availed at this Kisaan Mall include blankets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, thermals, sweaters, jackets, vests, blankets, oil, Vaseline, socks, washing soap, bathing soap, shampoo, comb, muffler, mosquito repellents, dry milk, sanitary pads, and shoes.

Besides this, heating pads, towels, shawls, slippers, garbage bags, knee caps, tarpaulin, nail cutters, ENO, and washing brushes are also available at the mall.

All these items are being provided free of cost to the protesting farmers by the Khalsa Aid.

“Khalsa Aid kisaan mall set up is a unique and effective way of dignified donation with the aim to ensure that all the basic needs of our farmer brothers and sisters are fulfilled,” says Khalsa Aid India. 

Interacting with media, Khalsa Aid’s Sewadar Amanpreet Singh informed that it was being observed that a big section of farmers was considering it below their dignity to queue up for relief material. “Beside it, old aged and women were also noticed facing hurdles in receiving this relief material due to which we decided to setup this mall,” he added.

Speaking to Sikh24, an old aged protesting farmer lady Kulwant Kaur said that she was trying to get some necessary goods for many days but didn’t succeed as the distribution system was not systematic. “Now, this Kisaan Mall setup by the Khalsa Aid has made us feel that we can continue our struggle for a long time without facing any problem in fulfilling our necessities because everything is being availed in a systematic manner at this mall,” she added. 

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