Why Am I Here? Book launched by the creator of Sikhi To The Max

Why Am I Here? The soul, the Guru and the path by Tarsem Singh

The creator behind SikhiToTheMax, which launched in 2000 has now published a book titled: ‘Why Am I Here?’.

The 103 page book, which is written by Bhai Tarsem Singh from the Sikh History and Religious Education (SHARE) Charity UK, seeks to answer the question of ‘why we are here’ and life’s other big questions about ‘our true identity’ and ‘what our purpose is’.

Tarsem Singh is an international speaker on the Sikh faith. Having studied the teachings for over 25 years, he has delivered lectures, seminars and workshops on Sikh spirituality and concepts worldwide. A former Global Director of a multi-national software development firm, he has created various innovative resources about the faith, including the world’s first online and desktop search engine for the Sikh scriptures, Sikhi To The Max. 

Sikh24 caught up with Bhai Tarsem Singh to ask him why he felt the need to write this book; “The book was written on the back of the Sikhi Enlightenment Course which is a one-day course on Sikhi spirituality. It became evident quite quickly that we do not have a go-to book for understanding the baseline of why we are here as human beings, what is our goal in life, and what is stopping us from achieving that goal.

“When we talk about spirituality, usually Buddhism is mentioned along with other faiths. Yet Sikhi is rarely talked about in the same context. This book delves into Guru Ji’s perspective on the spiritual search of a human being.”

The publishers of the book, SHARE Charity UK, say that the book is aimed at anyone from a 13-years-old and upwards, with the book being written in clear and easy to understand English. Complex language has been deliberately avoided so that difficult concepts could be distilled into something that is understandable and encourages deep reflection from the reader.

“Each chapter ends with some soul-searching questions to apply what has been learned. At the end of the book, the natural ‘where do I start?’ question is answered with ten things that you can do today to move forward in your spiritual journey.”On what the reader will be able to take away from the book, Tarsem said: “The purpose of this book is two-fold; One is to understand why the mind is so entrenched in an illusion and the second is to inspire an awakening from this sleep and discover your true self through the universal message of the Guru.

The book, which was compiled over many months, was not a straight forward process Tarsem explained to Sikh24: “The book took many months to write, and was almost rewritten from scratch twice! There are so many aspects to Gurbani and the beauty is that it can be written from many angles. It is a good problem to have in Sikhi because Gurbani is like an ocean – the deeper you dive the more there is to explore!”

On this hopes for the book, Tarsem said: “We hope that everyone enjoys reading this book and gains a better understanding of Guru Ji’s beautiful message. It is a great resource for families to guide their teenagers – which parents have told us is something they find difficult to do.

“We also hope that it becomes a resource that gets used in Gurdwara and Sikhi groups discussions, for example, doing a chapter a week, practicing, and then discussing their experiences and understanding as a group.”

SHARE Charity UK plan to get the book distributed to those in prisons to help them individuals also.

On what Tarsem is looking to do in the future, he said: “We are in the process of shortly releasing “The Sikhi Marriage Handbook” which is a framework for a healthy Anand Karaj.”

The book is available on eBay, but will also be available on the sharecharityuk.com website shortly, along with Amazon.


  1. Life changing book, a must-read for every person in the world – Sikh and non-Sikhs.

    It so simply goes in to so much depth that anyone of any spiritual stage can benefit so massively by reading this.

  2. A life changing book! Wish I had this when I was younger. I’m so glad this is available for all ages to access now! What a gift!

  3. Brilliant book a must read!

    This book is long overdue. Finally something that explains Sikhi in a beautifully simple way. All my cousins will be getting one

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