December 17 – Delhi Legislators Support Protestors, Supreme Court Asks Union Government To Put a Hold on Bills

1. A sad news from Tikri Border, another farmer named Jai Singh has passed away due to cardiac arrest. Farmer Jai Singh has three children, aged 14, 12, 10 years old.
2. Farmer Bhim Singh fell in an open sewer at night, at Kundli border. His body was found in the morning. The conditions the farmers are being forced to endure are horrible. He is survived by a 15-year-old daughter and a younger son.
3. A farmer’s son Maneet singh met an accident yesterday when he fell off from trolley near Hoshiarpur & was run over by a truck. The trolley was headed to the Singhu border. Hit & run case registered.
4. Large numbers of farmers from Uttar Pradesh reach the morcha.
5. In a major political U-turn, Kejriwal rips up the 3 laws in a Delhi session. Only days ago, he implemented some of these laws in his jurisdiction. Today he talked about Bhagat Singh as a show of his nationalism. He said these were passed without any voting in parliament and rushed through during COVID to benefit the corporations that will fund BJP. No one can even explain the benefits to farmers. He said the benefits are farmers won’t lose their land and the Mandi system won’t disappear. These aren’t benefits, they already have this today.
6. Mahendra Gopyal rips up Farm Bills in Parliament at Special Delhi Farmers Assembly as well.
7. Supreme Court today suggested that the central government put the implementation of the new farm laws on hold, adding that it will enable negotiations with farmers. However, the Centre argued that if the enactment is put on hold, the farmers will not come forward for negotiations.
8. Farmers to consult Prashant Bhushan, Colin Gonsalves, Dushyant Dave, and HS Phoolka, before taking any position on SC remarks about impleading farmers in the case and forming of a committee involving farmers
9. High Court on Thursday declined a plea seeking aid, security, and treatment of the farmers protesting
10. Flyers handed out at morcha to boycott Ambani products like his oils.
11. Farmer supporters around the world start making lists of companies and products linked to Ambani and Adani. Boycotts include Hamleys and Jio.
12. Army officers from UP post videos saying the army are sons of farmers and show solidarity with farmers.
13. Sikh Relief and Sikh Assembly have got hundreds of mattresses and converted a wedding complex at Singhu border to the house of at least 1200 Morcha participants.
14. They require more doctors and nurses at the morcha sites to help the protestors cope with conditions.
15. Northern Rail General Manager said they lost incurred losses of 2000-2400 crores rupees due to Farmers protests.
16. Gazipur border is closed for traffic coming from Ghaziabad to Delhi due to farmers protests
17. Maharashtra minister Ashok Chavan writes to CM, says farm laws shouldn’t be implemented in the state
18. From Hisar, BJP Lok Sabha member and former Union Minister Birender Singh has raised the flag against his own party and government and supporting farmers.
19. Republic TV and Zee TV continue their Godi media role by attacking the farmers. Public opinion seems to be shifting towards farmers despite so much Godi media propaganda.
20. Ravish Kumar speaks against Godi media channels’ portrayal of farmers.
21. L-fresh from Australia has removed his music from Jio-Savan in solidarity with Farmers.
22. Modi to address national media tomorrow on farmer issue. BJP had a meeting of Amit Shah and general secretaries today.
23. Observers say a team of high officials of Punjab Police is stationed in Delhi to find ways to sabotage Farmers Protest.
24. The elder farmer who has been cycling 500 km in freezing weather from Jagroun for days arrived today in Delhi morcha.



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