December 16 – Latest Updates from the Farmers’ Protest

1. Three Sikhs died today, including Sardar Gurmeet Singh who passed away.
2. Sad news coming in from Mansa. A farmer Gurdev Singh Of village Khara has committed suicide by throwing himself under a train near the track at Narinderpura. He was debt-ridden for years & was losing land in return for money. He was left with 2 acres out of 20 acres.
3. Baba Ram Singh Nanaksar shot himself at the Singhu border at around 04:30 pm. This is another aspect of Singhu border which is not seen amidst the noise of the stage, and atmosphere of energy. This incident has led to a lot of discussion in the community of the manner of death. Some calling it a sacrifice, others stating mental health issues are increasing in people, as no one wants to protest, but circumstances are forcing them to.
4. A group of farmers from Punjab’s Anandpur Sahib has started an ‘informal school’ in a makeshift tent for local slum children at the Singhu border. This adds to the blood donation, feeding the poor of Delhi, cleaning Delhi, feeding the police and army, and many other social humanitarian sevas that Godi media never mention.
5. Singhu border protest has grown so large that even Ghodi admits it’s now the size of a small city.
6. Divide and rule policy by Agriculture Minister Tomar continues. He says now only one state is protesting, referring to Punjab. This is totally false. To justify his propaganda on TV he shows meetings with farmers from other states. Actual farmers leaders from their states say those on TV from their states are BJP activists just shown as farmers.
7. The Supreme Court on Wednesday said that the farmers’ protests could soon snowball into a national issue and the top court is, therefore, mooting formation of a committee to hold talks and settle the matter amicably, Bar and Bench report.
8. Petitions have been filed in Supreme Court to immediately move the farmers. Some observers see the Supreme Court may be used to justify the removal of protestors by force.
9. Sikhs around the world have followed Kanwar Grewal’s message to start listing products and businesses of Ambani and Adani and campaign against using them. Highlight to world media about Adani business practices in Zambia, Australia, and India, major environmental damage, and appalling human suffering.
10. Noted climate change activist Greta Thunberg asks everyone to campaign against Adani Carmichael mine in Australia. She wants everyone to use hashtag #stopadani
11. News media has started to focus on Adani business practices snd their shocking track record of environmental damage and human suffering. More press needs to be made aware.
12. Early Day Motion submitted in UK Parliament about Criminalization of Dissent in India.
13. BBC Punjabi showing interviews with Gujerat farmers complaining about the effects of Modi laws.
14. United States lawmakers express solidarity with farmers.
15. Farmers’ supporters will be protesting outside Facebook tomorrow about censorship.
16. NDTV – Farmer Protests Spark Telecom War, Jio Goes To Regulator Against Rivals
17. Vehicles of farmers going to join Kisan Morcha, Delhi, being provided free diesel by Youth from village Apra and Jajja Khurd at Ladowal Toll plaza in Ludhiana.
18. Supporters of the morcha have started giving negative reviews on Jio Savan and other apps and products linked to Ambani and Adani across Apple, Google play, Amazon and other platforms.
19. Zee news reporters heckled at protests as farmers upset at the Godhi propoganda that they do.
20. Rupi Kaur writes in Washington Post about farmers.
21. MP Preet Gill finally writes against the treatment of farmers, days after 36 MPs signed a letter by MP Tanmanjit Dhesi.
22. Kisan Ekta Morcha starts its own social media platform.
23. Seattle City Council said it stand in solidarity with Farmers protests.
24. BJP MP Sunny Deol gets Category Y security as he supports Modi.
25. United Sikhs continue to provide mobile health care services & assistance to the farmers at Tikri – Bahadurgarh border. More than 300 patients are being checked & treated through this mobile service on daily basis.
26. The Australian- Sikh farmers’ warrior spirit rattles Indian PM Narendra Modi
27. Akshay Kumar and Honey Singh promoting their new song. Akshay social media feels the wrath of the community for his silence on the farmer issues.
28. Kangana vs Diljit Dosanjh has started again. She is still clueless about the issue.
29. On Friday evening UK time, a special One show on Akaal TV about farmers protest.
30. Lastly, Modi says Gujerat is the model for the future. His policies work do well there. So we leave today’s update with a video showing a Gujerat farmer explaining what happened to his crop in Gujerat.

kutch Gujarat Kutch farmer
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