Sant Ram Singh of Singhra (Nanaksar) Gives Life in Support of Protesting Farmers

Editor’s Note: Sant Ram Singh Ji of Singra (Nanaksar) today gave his life at the Kundli Border during the Farmers Protest. He expressed his agony over the lack of justice by the Indian Government in a letter, which is being published below for the benefit of our readers.

Kundli Border

Ik Onkar

I have witnessed the sorrow of the farmers. To seek their rights, they are now out on the roads and going through very harsh conditions. This has caused much agony to my heart, and I cannot witness the Government not delivering justice to these farmers. This is pure injustice by the Government. If injustice is a sin, so is witnessing this injustice.

Different people have stood for the rights of the farmers and against injustice in various ways. Some returned their awards and honours to express their protest.

As a servant [of the Guru], I am sacrificing my life in support of the farmers. This is my protest against the unjust government. This is my voice in support of the farmers.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh




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