December 11: Latest Developments from Farmers Protests Across the World

1. Today the protestors heard live keertan from Sri Darbar Sahib on the outdoor cinema screens.
2. Kausik Basu, Indian former Chief Economist to the World Bank, stated today, “I’ve now studied India’s new farm bills & realize they are flawed & will be detrimental to farmers. Our agriculture regulation needs change but the new laws will end up serving corporate interests more than farmers. Hats off to the sensibility & moral strength of India’s farmers.”
3. Video appears of large 100-acre site where Adani is building large food crop storage facility. Akarshan Uppal of IBN TV shows the site which is barely 60km from where the farmers are protesting. The video shows the speed and scale of construction.
4. Prof Pritam Singh from Oxford University observes – The report says 9000 such storage facilities are being built.
5. Journalist Akarshan Uppal, who exposed the Adani group-buying hundreds of acres of land and building infrastructure for storing agro-product amidst utmost secrecy, was reportedly brutally attacked today. He has been hospitalized in a serious condition.
6. 48 British elected councilors write to Foreign Minister Dominic Raab about farmers morcha.
7. Yesterday, we mentioned Punjabi farmers have started planting seeds on the roads in central areas, they have large tents, medical centers, langars, women’s showers, etc. Today they added a large roti making machine and a gym for those who like to train.
8. Famous Canadian Sikh writer Rupi Kaur calls out western media. She wrote, “you all have failed to report on issues impacting Sikhs in any nuanced way. Instead, you allow neo-fascists to write about us. it’s time that you all do better.”
9. Lord Singh has raised the issue of farmers protesting in India once more in @UKHouseofLords. He’s asked HMG if any future trade deal will respect the human rights of farmers reeling from controversial laws affecting commodity prices?
10. Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana show unity and want all strands of the protests together until the laws are repealed.
11. Godi media continues hate rhetoric with Ajj Tak TV anchor says “Go to Pakistan if Modi is not your Prime Minister.”
12. Singhs raise Nishan Sahib on a large tower.
13. Anganwadi workers from Punjab have arrived at Singhu border to protest against the govt’s new farm laws.
14. The Guardian publishes article – Digging in: on the frontlines as farmers lay siege to Delhi
15. Gurpratap Singh speaks to Toronto radio about farmers protest
16. Midlands Langar Seva distributing 551kg of pinnia, fresh pakoreh, and fresh fruit to the protesters as well as carrying out medical aid.
17. Khalsa Aid sets up a makeshift foot massage area for farmers.
18. Gatka displays at the morcha site.
19. Sikhs continue to call out Bollywood’s exploitation of the Sikh identity. Salman Khan Slammed For Playing Sikh Cop But Keeping Mum On Farmers’ Issue. – Indian Times.
20. Many rallies are happening in the UK and around the world this weekend in support of farmers.



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