December 5 – Latest Developments from the Farmers Protest

File Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
1. After Trudeau, now United Nations chief Antonio Gutteres comes out in support of Farmers right to protest.
2. Meeting between Farmers’ representatives and Indian Agriculture Minister has concluded with no agreement. Next meeting has been set for Wednesday 9th December.
3. Indian govt tells farmer leaders to suggest changes to laws. Any amendments can be made. Response given if any changes can be made, they why have the laws in the first place. If amendments can be changed now, it’s does not stop Indian govt changing them amendments back in the future. So farmers have a firm stand and want laws completely cancelled. They want a clear yes or no answer from govt. Ministers were in consultation with high command all the time and left meeting several times.
4. Farmers leaders call Bharat Bandh will go on 8th December.
5. Agriculture Minister Tomar has requested unions to send old and children back to their homes.
6. Indian minister in meeting with farmers mentions Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani involvement in controversial laws.
7. Economist magazine reports – Of the $36bn in foreign investment that flowed into India in five months, more than half went into Mukesh Ambani’s hands alone.
8. Over the past year, India’s economy has shrunk by around a tenth, and tens of millions of Indians have lost jobs or sunk into poverty. Meanwhile Gautam Adani’s personal wealth more than doubled to $32b. Mukesh Ambani’s fortune grew 25% to $75b.
9. Amit Shah and Capt Amrinder have a meeting. After meeting Capt Amrinder says issues needs resolving, but farmer protests can become a security issue. Zee TV uses Capt Amrinder statement as vindication for its anti Sikh and anti Punjab rhetoric. Zee TV anchor Sudhir Chaudhry continues to target Punjabi farmers as illiterates and anti-india. Mentions Pakistan at end of report and projects Capt Amrinder as hawk protecting India.
10. Senior BJP leader Laxmi Chawla said those who called farmers khalistanis, should apologize.
11. Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawaras main Facebook page blocked. Sangat at protest taking pictures and show love to pictures of Jathedar Hawara.
12. Many more hashtags relating to sikhs and farmer protests are blocked. Sikh protestors having to change hashtags regularly.
13. When sikh organizations are doing paid promotions to educate on farmer issue Instagram is censoring it.
14. UK MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi writes to UK Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb about farmer protests. Letter is signed by 35 more MPs. MP Preet Gill not in list of MPs.
15. SGPC said it will build toilets and washrooms for female farmer protestors.
16. While there is plenty of food, still far to many elders sleeping in pitiful conditions. (See picture below).
17. Ragi and Dhadi Singhs have meeting snd decide to come to morcha and deliver their programmes.
18. Sikh children studying for exams while accompanying parents to the protests.
19. Arvind Kejriwal approves one of the 3 laws in his jurisdiction. Farmers call Aam Addmi Party as BJP B Team.
20. Indian govt now call protestors outside Indian embassies in Canada as extremists without any evidence. They still fail to recognise peaceful protest.
21. Natasha fateh, daughter of infamous anti-sikh reporter Tarek fateh leads that report on CBC. WSO and Canadian Sikhs upset by reporting with mention of word extremists without any evidence. An example of very poor journalism as all protests have been peaceful.
22. World Sikh Organization – We encourage you to write directly to @CBCOmbud at [email protected] to ensure they understand how this maligns the community. It is vital that Sikh voices are included. #AskCanadianSikhs
23. Akhand Kirtani Jatha hold large keertan Darbaar to invigorate all farmers with Gurbani.
24. Nihang Singhs parade horses and bring pride in the Sangat. They do Dhadi Varan.
25. Lakha Sidhana spoke from the stage today.
26. Separately Lakha sidhana comments on Gurdas Maan lack of support.
27. United Sikhs have ambulances brought to morcha for medical care.
28. Sikhs from as far as New Zealand, UK, Australia and Canada reach the protests.
29. Delhi residents living close to protests says it’s made the area safer for women.
30. Deep Sidhu wins more hearts and minds by explaining the wider issues on many internet channels to Indian and western youth.
31. Deep Sidhu posts video supporting London protests.
32. Supreme Court Bar Association president Dushyant Dave has announced support to protesting farmers and has even offered free legal services.
33. Veteran actor Dharmendra tweets stating Indian govt should find solution to farmer protest. Then deletes it quickly stating he was saddened by some responses.
34. 30 Punjabi & Sikh sportsperson have returned national awards and 3 authors have done so.
35. All India Transport Union states support for farmers.
36. Punjab Madhumakhi Association (bee keepers) brought 15 quintals of honey to distribute in Farmer Morcha.
37. Sikh Legal Aid starts Legal Notice against Ramdev and India TV for blasphemous actions during divan where Sahib Siri Guru Granth Sahib was present.
38. NDTV Ravish Kumar anchor openly questions media lies against Punjab farmers. He said punjabis knew that before battling Indian govt, then need to battle Indian media.
39. NDTV Ravish Kumar praises sikhs and states everytime anybody protests in Delhi’s capital, Gurdwara Rakab Ganj always helps them with langar.
40. Bihari Labourers on TV at protests explain what corporates did to farming in Bihar and why so many Biharis came to Punjab. So if Punjab also goes to the corporates, then where will they go?
41. New York Times article quotes Gujarat farmers complaining about Modi’s policies. Washington Post covers protests.
42. Akshay Kumar still AWOL.
43. CCTV footage appears of suspect who did beadbi at Dasmesh Darbar Gurdwara in Toronto. Speculation that timing was to instigate sikhs before weekend protests.


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