After SGPC denies CCTV footage, Court directs Amritsar police to approach nearby shopkeepers

File Photo: Protest site outside Sri Darbar Sahib

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—After SGPC’s “denial” to share the October 24’s footage of CCTV cameras installed inside Sri Darbar Sahib complex, the Court has directed the police to obtain and secure the CCTV footage of cameras installed outside the shops situated in Sri Darbar Sahib complex.

On October 24, the SGPC’s task force had brutally thrashed the Sikh activists outside SGPC’s headquarters when they tried to put a lock on the entrance gate of Teja Singh Samundari Hall. These Sikh activists were staging a protest against the SGPC for its failure in tracing the missing 328 holy saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and taking legal action against those responsible for it.   

It is learned that the Amritsar police told the Court that the incident of October 24 couldn’t get recorded in the SGPC’s CCTV cameras due to some technical issues. After this, the Court directed SHO of E-Division police station to procure CCTV footage from the cameras installed in the surrounding shops of the Sri Darbar Sahib’s corridor.

The Court’s direction has come in response to a complaint filed by Sikh activist Balbir Singh Mucchhal, who heads the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee. Mucchhal had alleged that the police were not bothering to procure the CCTV footage of this incident.

In this incident, around 30 Sikhs were brutally thrashed but the SGPC succeeded in converting it into a clash injuring its own staff.

Due to this tactic of SGPC, a cross FIR was registered by the Amritsar police which ultimately nullified the hope for justice.

Sources have revealed that the SGPC even compensated its task force employees with monetary rewards according to their role in thrashing the Sikh activists and later injuring themselves to make it a scene of self-defense.


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