Following The Issue of Missing Guru Granth Sahib Saroops, Kashmir Based Sikh Youth Announce SGPC Boycott

SRINAGAR, Jammu & Kashmir—Although the protest by Sikh activists outside Sri Darbar Sahib in Amritsar Sahib may have been forcibly lifted by the SGPC Task Force, dissent is growing against the SGPC across India.

This past weekend, the Kashmiri Sikh youth strongly condemned the brutal thrashing of Sikh activists by the SGPC who had been seeking punishment for those responsible for the missing 328 holy saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Notably, the SGPC Task Force had thrashed Sikh protesters twice since the start of the protest on September 14.

Very recently, dozens of Sikh protesters were mercilessly beaten up by the SGPC Task Force on October 24.

Speaking with Sikh24 earlier today, the J&K Gurmat Taksal (IGS) vowed to boycott SGPC and register strong protest in case any of the elected SGPC officials visit the state.

Kashmiri Sikh activist Angad Singh Khalsa said that the SGPC was the most beautiful and resourceful Sikh institution but now it has become a tool of Badals’ political agenda. “The Badals are using the resources of supreme Sikh body SGPC to justify to their religious and social misdeeds,” he said while adding that the current SGPC leadership was following Modi’s dictatorial pattern to oppress justice seekers.  

Angad Singh has also said that the Kashmiri Sikh youth will surely register its protest to the SGPC’s senior leaders whenever they visit J&K.

He has also appealed to the Sikhs to unite on a common platform to fight against the SGPC’s hooliganism.


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