Deep Sidhu expels activist from Shambhu Morcha for harshly objecting to pro-Khalistan slogan

A file photo of Advocate Hakam Singh (middle)

SHAMBHU BORDER, Punjab—Filmy artist-turned-activist Deep Sidhu today expelled lawyer Hakam Singh from the management of Shambhu Morcha here for ruthlessly objecting to the raising of pro-Khalistan slogan yesterday by a youngster and handing him over to the Police.

The lawyer who is an activist as well, reacted to the slogan in a harsh manner when it was raised by a youth present on the morcha site. He immediately took him to the police personnel deployed nearby and asked them to arrest him by registering FIR against him. Losing temper over it, he offered to become a complainant against him.

As the entire scene was telecast by some web channels correspondents of which were present there incidentally, the gesture of Hakam Singh invited criticism and backlash from the Sikh masses, that forced Deep Sidhu and his co-activists to sack him for his undemocratic and unethical behavior.

The youngster who raised this slogan is seen citing that he had turned emotional by listening to the speeches being delivered on the stage of Morcha and could not stop himself from raising the slogan.

As the Sikh masses were expressing disappointment over this incident, Sidhu released two videos today to present his side. In the first one, he felt sorry but defended Hakam Singh in a way stating that he (Hakam) turned angry over the act presuming that it could be a conspiracy to derail the morcha as it would give the government an excuse to do so.

In the second video, however, he openly opposed the gesture of his co-activist while announcing his expulsion. “This incident put a heavy burden on my soul. The persons, who are responsible for it, have been expelled from the presidium leading the morcha. Taking such a decision was very necessary because our quam has made scores of sacrifices for the cause of Khalistan. If anyone raises a slogan in its favour, our reaction to it cannot be so ruthless”.

“Armed Sikh struggle fought during the ’90s was an important phase of our overall present struggle for our basic rights. We can say that Shambhu Morcha is its today’s phase. This morcha is not of any individual, but of Sangat. Nothing is above the sentiments of sangat,” he said.

He said, “I would like to say again that neither armed Sikh struggle was wrong, nor a declaration of Khalistan. Raising pro-Khalistan slogans was also not wrong.”

Notably, the workers of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) who are also undertaking a separate morcha nearby, got the youngsters released by the Police citing that raising pro-Khalistan slogan is not illegal as per the verdicts of the Supreme Court of India.

When farmers’ stir is at its peak against the anti-farmer laws of the BJP-led union government of India, Shambhu Morcha on Punjab-Haryana border is turning out to be centre of attraction as it is addressing the biggest concern of Punjab, that is its existence.


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