West Bengal: Cops brutally thrash Sikh man while disrespecting his turban

WEST BENGAL, India—A sharp outrage has erupted among the worldwide Sikhs after a video of West Bengal police cops brutally thrashing a Sikh man named Balwinder Singh went viral over social media. The incident occurred on October 8 when a BJP leader named Priyangu Pandey allegedly tried to lure a clash in Kolkata while spreading communal disharmonyry.

It is learned that the victim Sikh Balwinder Singh has been working as a security officer with BJP leader Priyangu Pandey.

In this video, West Bengal cops could be serenely seen dragging Balwinder Singh from his shirt’s collar and his turban goes off after which a cop again starts dragging him while pulling his hairs without giving him any chance to balance himself.

Today, it has come to fore that Balwinder Singh has been sent to police remand for two days.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the DSGMC has strongly condemned the incident while demanding an immediate FIR against the guilty cops under section 295-A of IPC and the release of Balwinder Singh.

Although the exact reason behind this clash is not yet clear the BJP is renowned for its ill-conceived tactics of creating division among the society on religious and racial ground. In West Bengal, the BJP has been striving for power for many years but it is facing a continuous rejection by the Bengalis.

In any situation, disrespect of anyone’s symbols of religious faith can’t be justified and the West Bengal government needs to train its cops to act responsibly and effectively even under worst situations.


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