Reconstruction of Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib begins in Pakistan

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Pakistan government has begun reconstruction of Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib in Sindh. It is learned that the Evacuee Trust Property Board has assigned this task to PSGPC member S. Vikas Singh Khalsa, who also heads the management committee of Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib.

While releasing the approval letter for the reconstruction of Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib, ETPB’s secretary Mohammad Tariq informed that the entire project to reconstruct, beautify and renovate Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib will have to be completed within a year. “All the reconstruction, beautification and renovation tasks will have to be completed under the supervision of ETPB’s technical experts,” he added.

The ETPB has also made a special direction to complete whole construction as per the Sikh code of conduct and not to make any change in the original structure of Gurdwara Sahib.

Sri Sachkhand Sahib is located just one kilometer away from Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, in the fields across the railway line on the same road.

This Gurdwara is the spot where Bhai Mardana Ji had said to Guru Ji that he was feeling hungry. A merchant was passing by with his donkeys laden with sugar.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji told Bhai Mardana ji to ask the merchant what he was carrying in those bags. When Bhai Mardana Ji asked the merchant, he replied that it was sand. When the merchant checked the bags after covering some distance, he experienced that he was actually carrying sand. The merchant came back and fell at Guru’s feet and asked for forgiveness. The merchant checked again and found it to be sugar. With devotion, he gave his sugar to Guru Ji to distribute it among the poor and the needy.

On this place there is a Gurdwara with a dome built by the road. The condition of the Gurdwara Sahib is dilapidated. If this negligence will continue and no maintenance is done, it will disappear without having a trace.


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