Punjab Congress Leader Karamjit Gill Dares Sikhs as He Pledges to Continue Promoting Jagdish Tytler

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Despite facing sharp outrage for publishing hoardings extending birthday wishes to the 1984 Sikh genocide culprit Jagdish Tytler, Congress leader Karamjit Gill is in no mood to stop playing with Sikh sentiments. After his hoardings congratulating Tytler were removed by Sikh activists yesterday, Karamjit has posted another statement saying that he will make these Sikhs drink water in Jagdish Tytler’s shoes.

On his Facebook page, Karamjit posted videos of him cutting a cake in celebration of Tytler’s birthday along with his supporters. “If you have guts, you can try to stop me [from celebrating],” he posted online daring Sikh activists.

Tytler’s birthday hoardings removed by SIkh Activists in Amritsar

It is pertinent to note here that Congressman Karamjit Gill is under fire for placing hoardings and posters on Amritsar’s Majitha road congratulating the 1984 Sikh genocide culprit Jagdish Tytler on his birthday while using words showing high respect for him. 

“On August 17, I will celebrate Jagdish Tytler’s birthday with full enthusiasm like a sacred day on Majitha road. I challenge Sikhs to stop me if they can,” Karam Gill said in an interview with Surkhab TV when asked about the removal of the hoardings.

Yesterday, eight Sikh activists including Paramjit Singh Akali (Jatha Sirlath) had lodged a complaint against Karam Gill for hurting Sikh sentiments and promoting communal disharmony in Punjab but the police have not taken any action against him yet.


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