Complaint Lodged Against Radical Hindu Social Media User For Promoting Propaganda About Sri Harmandir Sahib

NEW DELHI, India—Keeping in view the rising misleading social media posts about the holiest Sikh shrine Sri Harmandir Sahib by some radicalized Hindu elements, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee has lodged a complaint against a person name Raghav Gautam.

It is pertinent to note here that highly objectionable posts challenging the ownership of Sri Harmandir Sahib to Sikhs have stormed social media since the inauguration of Ram Mandir on August 5. A large number of radicalized Hindu social media users are regularly promoting such posts over social media in an attempt to air propaganda that the holiest Sikh shrine Sri Harmandir Sahib was originally a temple belonging to mythological Hindu Lord Vishnu.

“We have lodged an FIR and complaint against Raghav Gautam and his followers who are spreading communal hatred on social media and claiming to make a Mandir at Sri Harmandir Sahib. His words reflect hatred and communal hegemony which has no place in Indian Democracy. We demand strict action against him so that such people learn to respect sentiments of people of other religions,” wrote Manjinder Singh Sirsa while sharing the copy of complaint lodged against Raghav Gautam.

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  1. These two cent, ignorant and radicalized Hindus need to be put in jail and forgotten about. I am sick and tired about these idiots giving bad names to India and our religion. Just put them in jail or send them to kaala pani – if Indian justice is not working at all – so rest of India can live peacefully.

  2. In order to divert attention from the failure of Modi Government to manage Covid-19, the debacle in Ladhak and the deteriorating condition of economy, the BJP is resorting to what it is expert at – inciting communal disharmony.Roits have started taking place in Bangluru.Meerat, etc The tweets about Harminder Saheb àre part of the same strategy.


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