Modi’s remark on 10th Guru confirms design to incorporate Sikhs into Hindus: Actor Deep Sidhu

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Punjabi and Hindi film actor Deep Sidhu once again turned vocal on Sikh issues through social media and stated that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remark on 10th Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh Jee had confirmed the deep-rooted conspiracy hatched to incorporate Sikhs into Hindus.

Modi while addressing a gathering during the inauguration ceremony of Ram Temple’s construction in Ayodhya, stated that Guru Gobind Singh also authored a Ramayana.

Interpreting this remark with a critical point of view, Sidhu said, “This remark has proved that they are working to incorporate Sikhs into them. This is a phenomenon of assimilation and unfortunately, we let them pursue it against us. We should be very conscious of this nefarious design”.

“This is a kind of genocide which is being carried out by them by distorting our history, changing our religious writings, damaging our rituals and traditions and attacking our mother tongue”, said Sidhu, adding, “Such ideological attacks started from the period of Guru Nanak with the certain writings which were claimed to be authored by Gurus, but not in fact,” he said.

He further said, “They say the Sikh philosophy is gist of the Hindu scriptures. But Gurus have already made it clear that neither we are Hindus nor Muslims. We have a distinct identity and we will never let anyone destroy our distinctiveness”.

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  1. It is blasphemous of these so-called Sikhs to reject their founder’s fundamental faith in Hindu scriptures and to forget that the brave Guru Gobind Singh fought Muslims to defend Hindus as well as Sikhs. Fortunately it is just the minority of Khalistani akalis who feel this way. The vast majority of Sikhs are not like them.

    • Your reasoning is the reason why Sikhs strive for Khalistan. You are gutter which will lead to disintegration if India. China is watching.

    • Youre living in a fantasy world if you believe so. Sikh gurus protected hindus as Sikhism is about oneness of humanity. Sikhism is not a military arm of Hinduism created to protect Hindus. Our gurus rejected hindu practices such as idol worship, caste system, and made clear we’re not hindus.
      If you have no idea about what Sikhism is then please don’t comment. You’re only making a fool of yourself here. Also, the vast majority sikhs know for a fact that sikhs are not hindus.

  2. If Modi was PM of any European or American country and made the same comments, he would have had to resign. This is the right wing RSS blood in Modi.

  3. Deep Sidhu you have been assimilated. First revert back to Sikhi identity. Then what you say will be more believable and have value. What you say is truth but you lack credibility.

    • Sahi Gal,

      Guru Sahib also did write Ram Avatar but even Hindus 1000 years ago said only he who keeps Kesh is a Hindu.
      All people of India should take Amrit & join Khalsa||



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