Thrashing of Sikhs in Madhya Pradesh by Cops: Pressure Builds on Indore Administration to take strict action

A video has been circulating over social media showing two Sikh brothers being beaten brutally on the road by the policemen. Granthi Singh Prem Singh and his brother were thrashed brutally in the public. Their dastars were removed and the brothers were dragged by their hair in the shopping area of Barwani.

Sikh24 has learned that ASI Sitaram Bhatnagar and Head Constable Mohan Jamre who been identified and have been suspended for the incident. After the video of the incident went viral on social media, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan condemned the incident and suspended the 2 policemen and directed the Indore Inspector General to examine the case.

SGPC President told Sikh24 that it’s very unfortunate Granthi Prem Singh was brutally thrashed by the police officials. “Seeing a Granthi Singh beaten and pulled by his hair is utterly disgraceful and something Sikhs will not accept,” he said.

He called upon the Madhya Pradesh government to take strict action against the guilty police officers. He told Sikh24 that SGPC has reached out to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan seeking punishment for the cops.


  1. I have no doubt Cops are guilty here for overusing their rights and I dont know why nothing is being done in India regarding these cops. But there you go again with Cops beating “Sikhs”. You see this is why I call you hate monger. You think cops are only beating Sikhs like this? What about the two people who were killed by cops in TN George Floyd style? What about thousands of other people are beaten up insultingly? What about someone in my extended family who was beaten up worst than what you show in pictues here? So yes, cops are doing wrong here and they are doing this with everyone, not just Sikhs. None of this is right, I am not defending cops. I am just saying it is unfair to make it sound like Sikhs are being victimized specifically. You are just hate mongering.

    Oh and again, I had complained that you dont ever post anything postiive India does. Here is another proof. Rajnath Singh remembers Udham Singh. I mean they do a lot but sikh24 need not post anything, but you could’ve posted this because Udham Singh was Sikh.

    You see, I prove time and again that you are hate monger,



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