Ooraa App Released To Teach Gurmukhi Script to Children

Project OORAA has launched an app for kids to learn Gurmukhi Lipi and Punjabi language through interactive visualizations and content. The app is released for the awareness and conversation of the Gurmukhi script.

“OORAA Gurmukhi app is specially designed for kids to play and learn Gurmukhi easily. The graphics and content are creative, colorful and interactive, which allow the kids to learn Gurmukhi easily,” said Sarbjeet Singh, founder of the app.

“We are trying our best to nurture the coming generation by reviving their roots with the Punjabi Maa Boli (mother tongue) and also request all communities worldwide to come forward and support this project to save and conserve our golden heritage,” he added.

This app was released by prominent Sikh prachariks, namely Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji (Sri Nagar) and Giani Pinderpal Singh Ji (Ludhiana) in dedication to the 550th Prakash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

App can be downloaded via the links below –

iOS: bit.ly/Ooraa-apple 
Android: bit.ly/Ooraa-android 
iPad: bit.ly/Ooraa-apple 
PDF: bit.ly/GurmukhiWorksheets 

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