“The Valiant” – Book on Jaswant Singh Khalra Now Available for Pre-Order

The book “The Valiant: Jaswant Singh Khalra” in England and Punjab is now available for pre-order. This richly-illustrated book takes young readers on an interesting and inspiring journey through the life and times of an iconic human rights activist, Jaswant Singh Khalra (1952 – 1995), who was tortured and brutally murdered in custody for valiantly standing by the hapless victims of state oppression.

As an essential backdrop, the book also gives a comprehensive overview of the recent history of the Sikhs and Punjab, making it a must-read for the next generation of Punjabis and Sikhs, educating and inspiring them to walk the path once trodden by the great son of the soil.
The book is written by Gurmeet Kaur, who is a renowned storyteller and publisher. She is better known for her Fascinating Folktales of Punjab book series. Gurmeet Kaur said that the book is being released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of S. Jaswant Singh Khalra’s martyrdom, honoring his selflessness, courage, and ultimate sacrifice.
The book is suitable for ages 12+. For more information on reviews and how to order for shipment in Sept-Nov 2020, please visit: www.pippal.org.
English & Punjabi editions are available at a 50% discount for pre-orders. Pre-orders will be shipped directly from the printer to you, reducing the cost of the project and we will pass that saving in the form of a discount to you.



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