RAJASTHAN: “Mentally Upset” youth vandalizes two holy saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—In another unfortunate incident that occurred on July 6, a “mentally upset” youth named Jagdev vandalized two holy saroops of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in village 24 BD of Tehsil Khajuwala in Bikaner district (Rajasthan). He put one holy saroop on fire during the evening hours on July 6 while desecrating another holy saroop.

However, the villagers kept this information hidden for more than 24 hours. Sources have informed that even the police come to know about this sacrilege incident after 28 hours. 

A wave of outrage spread among the Sikhs residing in Rajasthan and they started gathering at village 24 BD i.e. where this incident occurred. Sikh activists of Eknoor Khalsa Fauj, Sikh Advisory Committee, Sikh Students Federation, and several other organizations also reached on spot today.

Sources have informed that the villagers of 24 BD are claiming that the guilty youth Jagdev is mentally upset but their claim is not going down well with the Sikh sangat. The Sikh sangat has strongly condemned this claim while arguing that why he didn’t put his house on fire if he doesn’t know what he has done.

Speaking to Sikh24 from village 24 BD, Tejinderpal Singh Timma informed that the guilty youth has been arrested by the local police. “After primary interrogation, police cops are claiming that Jagdev’s family members used to take him to a superstitious place where someone fed his mind with hate against Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji,” he added.

“We demand a thorough probe into this incident and urge the administration to bring forth the elements behind this sacrilege incident,” he said.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the desecrated saroops have been sent to Goindwal Sahib for cremation. The authorities of Sri Akal Takht Sahib have also been informed about this.


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