Anyone denouncing Khalistani aspirations can’t be a true Sikh, claims Dal Khalsa

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Questioning the locus standi of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh in rejecting the historic aspirations for Khalistan, the Dal Khalsa today asserted that only the institution of Akal Takht has the right to articulate the collective aspirations of Sikhs that are translated by its Jathedar as the spokesman of this supreme religio-political authority.

Joining issue with Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh for his remarks that no Sikh wants Khalistan, the Dal Khalsa went a step ahead by saying a person who denounces such aspirations can’t be a true Sikh.

Notably, the Akal Takht Jathedar Gaini Harpreet Singh on June 6 asserted that all Sikhs cherish Khalistan, and if offered by the Centre, they will readily accept it this time. Captain was responding to Jathedar’s views on Khalistan.

The Dal Khalsa, which claims of spearheading the campaign for Khalistan in a democratic fashion, has termed the Jathedar’s pro-Khalistan remarks as Takht’s recognition to the Sikh struggle waged since India stormed Darbar Sahib in June 1984.

Coming down heavily on Captain Amarinder Singh, Dal Khalsa’s spokesman Kanwar Pal Singh said the CM can only speak in an individual capacity and not on behalf of the Sikh community as a whole.

He said the desire to become the masters of their own destiny is very much alive in Sikhs. “The pressures of survival, the allurement of modernity and economic interests, the heavy loss of life and liberty due to the political duplicity and dubiousness of the Indian leadership coupled with the ineptitude of the Akali leadership has dampened but not snuffed out the spirit of rebellion and freedom amongst the Sikhs”, said Kanwar Pal.  ‘

“Historically, politically and religiously, we rightfully deserve to have our own homeland- independent from India,” he said.

“Are Sikhs reciting the hymn of ‘Raj Karega Khalsa’ twice a day after prayers for the sake of just reciting”, he posed a question to the likes of Amarinder, who as per Dal Khalsa, were ridiculing the concept of Sikh Sovereignty only to enjoy privileges and power under the Indian laws and constitution.

The Dal Khalsa leader castigated Indian leadership including Amarinder Singh for denying the people of Punjab to exercise their right to self-determination through a referendum under UN aegis. 


  1. Indira Gandhi created Bhindranwale to embarass the Akalis and split them from the BJP. He was a lunatic but not the stooge she had planned him to be. So loyal and patriotic are Sikhs that she – in her crooked Machiavellian way – thought this was a good way of screwing up her opposition. All Indians should watch the BBC documentary on Youtube. Sikhs born outside India who have been fed the nonsense by the corrupt Khalistani gangsters will find this particularly revealing. That said, all Indians – Sikh or not are deeply saddened by the murder of Sikhs in 1984 (often slum dwellers incited by
    Congress thugs – that is where IG took politics in India) and regret the failure of the legal system to bring them to book. Despite all this, the vast majority of Sikhs love and are protective of India. This the children of Aurungazeb and their stooges will never undermine. Bole so nihaal.Sat Sri Akal.

  2. Strange logic by Dal Khalsa. Everyone has right to their opinion. Should support of Khalistan is criteria to determine if someone is Sikh or not?

  3. Had the British government had given the people of punjab the vote, maybe millions all sides would not be killed in riots of independence 1947. Nehru betrayed the punjabi people made promise but never delivered.


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